Are the invitations floating in?  Dinner parties, weekends away, open-houses?  Lucky you! Don’t go empty-handed, now. A gracious hostess always appreciates a bottle of wine or fresh flowers.  But why not change it up a bit and delight with one of these ten thoughtful gifts to present to your health-minded hostess.

Don't show up empty handed! Present one of these really thoughtful hostess gifts to your favorite hostess or host to show your appreciation! The


Think for a moment and give some thought to what your hostess likes, his or her lifestyle, and ways he or she spends time. Do these five hostesses listed below sound like yours? If so, consider one of these gifts for that generous hostess of yours:

For the hostess who likes to garden . . . a small vase filled with a floral frog and a pair of good-quality floral shears Or a colorful watering can tied up with some interesting seed packets all tied with some burlap and ribbon.

For the hostess that has young children . . .  a game of Memo Yoga is a fun idea to get the family together.  It is a matching game that introduces yoga poses while building mental skills like focus and memory while working on coordination, too.  Toddlers on up.  Can’t beat the price. $10.  Or, a favorite age-appropriate children’s book or two with some hot cocoa mix using cacao like in this recipe – both great for afternoon reading time.

For the hostess who leads a hectic life and needs a little pampering . . . Two beautiful jars filled with Epsom salts – one infused with a sprig or two of lavender and the other filled with rose petals – both encourage a nice hot soak. Or, a trio of essential oils she could add to her bath like geranium, tangerine, and lavender to induce relaxation and reduce stress.

For the hostess who enjoys (or needs!) a quiet moment . . . an assortment of unusual teas along with a new bestseller, a book by your favorite author, or one you want to read. too, to discuss later Or a gift certificate for a foot massage or lesson in meditation.

For the hostess that likes to spend time experimenting in the kitchen . . . a cookbook from this cookbook gift guide would be a great choice for him or her to peruse and get inspired Or a box of gourmet salts like these salts from around the world to finish a favorite dish.

Do you have a favorite hostess gift to give or receive? Please do add in the comments!

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I love thoughtful and practical gifts like these great ideas! Thank you for sharing! #TipTuesday

Any gesture is appreciated but a bit of thought for the host or hostess is always a bonus! Thanks for commenting, Charissa and welcome!

These ideas are so creative and helpful! Much more personal than wine or flowers. I am so delighted that you shared these thoughtful gifts for the health-minded hostess. with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop.I appreciate it and I'm so glad you are partying with us. I'm pinning and sharing this gem!

Happy to hear you liked the suggestion! Thanks for coming by.

Wonderful post about hostess gifts Lori. My favorite gift idea is a present a copy of my book, "Colors of Joy: A Woman's Guide for Self-Discovery, Balance, and Bliss" to my hostess. It's packed with journal activities to help encourage us to lead a more fulfilling, happy, and healthful life. Nancy Andres, Health & Lifestyle Writer, Author, and Wellness Blogger at

Glad you liked the list, Nancy and thanks for dropping in!

Those are great ideas! I always find it nice to give some gifts people will really use and that will improve their life.
Thank you for joining #tiptuesday!

Happy to hear you like the suggestions, Debbie, and you are right about the point of useful gifts. Thanks for popping in!

Anything fragrant – those do-it-yourself bath scrubs are always a great idea, I think. Who doesn't love a little pampering?

Oh, I do agree! Some of us actually need some encouragement to do so as well!

there is nothing better than a gift that has thought behind it – and I love things that smell nice so you ticked a lot of my boxes for great gifts.

I do, too, Leanne! As long as it is natural and not a chemical based fragrance. I really appreciate you adding in here!