I noted on the calendar this weekend that the first day of Spring is officially about five weeks away. And, let me tell you . . . I. Can. Not. Wait.  How about you? Do you find this last stretch – the last weeks of winter – to be the hardest to make it through?  I enjoy the change of seasons, I really do! But perhaps some a wee bit more than others.


There are lots of ways to banish the winter doldrums! Tap here for easy ideas to do so to enjoy this season.

Yes, I will throw my doors open and let that fresh spring air in, watch the first daffodils and crocus pop up and hit the farmer’s market for the new produce in town to start creating lighter dishes.

Well, we can’t change the thermometer readings but the mindset, we can!  After all,  it will only make the arrival of spring that much sweeter if we can tough it out a little longer!



Being the list maker that I am, I have gathered a few ways we can create some spring in our step now. And, the extra bonus is lots of them are free! See what you think:

1.  Get your floral fix.

Visit a botanical garden or garden show  I have a lovely botanical garden near me in DC, but here are some top garden shows around the world where some take place in winter that you might be able to access.

2.  Sift some dirt.

Get out some pen and paper and start to design your spring and summer gardens.  Purchase some seed packets and perhaps start your seedlings or at least start thinking about doing it.  Get your supplies ready.

3.  Plan a spring brunch.

Give your friends and family something to look forward to as well! Start creating the menu with some of these ideas, make your guest list and get the invitations out.

4.  Seek some rays.

Despite the cold, find a sunny spot and angle your face towards the sun every day.  At lunch hour, see if lunch outside is possible or even a short stroll in the sunshine. There are even synthetic ways to mimic the benefits of sunlight for our mood. Have you heard of full-spectrum light bulbs and phototherapy used to treat depression? A bit more on that here.

5.  Borrow ahead.  

Go ahead and steal from your spring wardrobe and layer some spring colors in your outfits.  Nothing wrong with sporting a springy nail polish color either.  Just make sure it is a safe choice that I talked about here.

6.  Walk among the greats. 

I am so fortunate to have the Smithsonian within my city (all free) to spend an hour or two to stroll and soak in great artists and their beautiful floral and springy scenes.  How about a gallery or museum in your area? Spend a bit of time there to get your spring on!

7.  Check your deck and patio.

Is it spring and summer ready? Does your furniture need a fresh coat of paint, like mine? Could the deck need a repair or power wash? Start making plans to get that space all ready to go.

8.  Gather some pamphlets.

Where are you going this summer? This fall? Start thinking of that vaca to heighten your mood. Rentals book fast and so do flights!

9.  Let others inspire you.

Look around some of the beautiful Pinterest boards on gardening. Here is one I spotted recently. And, you certainly can get great ideas here and this blog is a whole lot of fun to read with great ideas on the topic as well

10.  Get your groove on! 

Hit a concert or two.  Music is a great health booster (look here for exactly how) and of course, a mood booster, too!

Do you have a favorite way to chase the winter blues? Don’t keep it all to yourself! Please do share!


  • Bringing in art at your place is a great step to designing your every day mood. Find super sources to do that here.
  • Need some new tunes to brighten your mood and inspire you.  Look here for great, free places to just that!



All great ideas. We don't have really cold weather here in Florida but we do suffer a lot of rain. When the weather's bad and I can't get out and walk I go to the mall and walk indoors. The weather's always perfect there! Thanks for sharing.

Great point! Not just low temps and snow can damper the mood! Nice tip. Thanks so much for commenting.

Great tips! I am so ready for the cold months to be over and spring to start 🙂 #wowlinkup

Understand your sentiment completely, Heather!

I love these tips! I am so ready for spring. Especially after all this snow we got. I just want it to go away already. I'm ready for the flowers and everything being green!

I can't wait for the flowers, too, Jen! They will be especially welcomed after all the snow! Thanks so much for stopping by!

I am able to let the seasons go through their seasons but this snow though!??? I have been spending more time with the windows open even though it may lower the temp in the house a bit just so I can get some much-missed rays. #wowlinkup

Oh, I understand! That sun can feel so good. We should be seeing more of it very soon. Thanks for coming by. Always great to hear from you.

Oh, I am SO ready for Spring. I just want to see green grass again! I'm such an earthy, nature lover that this cold, deadness is starting to get to me. I'm such a wimp with the cold, so when I can't go outside comfortably for such long periods of time, I start to get grumpy! What helps me is spending time with family and friends that make me laugh and smile. 🙂

Time with family and friends can certainly do the trick!

I agree! I just told my mom the other day that I plan on going to the Philadelphia Flower Show next year because seeing flowers in the winter makes me happy. I also love the idea of wearing some spring attire. I just picked up a bunch of great spring deals at a local consignment shop, including a lime green jacket. I want to wear it so badly, but I feel like it's too bright. You've given me inspiration.

I have heard that is an amazing show! Well-worthwhile. So glad you liked the post and I very much appreciate you stopping by.

Wonderful list! I agree, this is the hardest time when we know Spring is coming but it's not close enough. One option that's good for families, couples or singles is an overnight getaway. Even though your destination weather is the same, the change of scene really helps. Just wrote an article about 8 overnight getaways in Northern VA on FuninFairfaxVA.

Yes, getting away is always nice! Thanks for commenting, Julie.

I can't wait for spring!!! We bought our house in November so we haven't been able to really do anything with the yard (and the yard needs a lot of work haha) so I can't wait to start working outside!

Oh, I know that feeling — itchng to make yard improvements and you just can't quite yet. Not too much longer, Liz! In the meanwhile, start making plans!

My twin just took up skiing and she loves it. She said it has been making the winter fun for her. #wowlinkup

So true! I love to hit the slopes and enjoy the beauty and exhilaration of the winter landscape. Very good point!

Great creative ideas! So many ways to get out of the winter doldrums. We've been blessed with a mild winter, so I can't complain! Thanks for visiting The Maple Hill Hop this week!

Thanks, Daisy. So glad you liked the ideas!

Great post! I guess we ARE a little spoiled here in Central Cali.. it is so warm I'm already cranking the AC and working in the yard sleeveless.. But STILL, I do so wish we had more snow! It's a little offputting, only having summer and fall for seasons… – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

Every region of the world has its benefits and drawbacks, I guess. But, I do love California and I always enjoy my time there!

Music is always a great way to get out of a funk!

Happy Monday Lori! Oh thanks so much for the shout out Lori! I love the idea of visiting some botanical gardens ~ my sister (D.C. resident!) says there's so much to see and do there. In fact, I think she said it was about 67 the other day?!? Anyhow, I think diving into your spring wardrobe is a great idea, just wearing a few bright colors cheers my day a bit when I hit the doldrums. The real feel temp here today is minus 30 degree! yikes.

The mention is well-deserved, Laura! I always look forward to seeing what you (and Tom) will write about next! Hey – stay warm – I think many of us are in for a bitter chill for a bit, which makes that anticipation for spring even greater!