“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”
Joyce Meyer

At some point we all encounter it: waiting,  In fact, there is even a room named after it — the waiting room.  But, all our waiting does not occur just there. We do a lot of waiting in our cars, in store lines, on hold on the phone at home, at the airports, outside for buses and trains, and even for friends to show up.

Yes, a lot of waiting and it sure feels like a lot of time is wasted. But, it is inevitable at times, so let’s make the best of it, shall we?


The line hasn’t moved? Oh well! Try one of these healthy moves next time you find yourself waiting and waiting and waiting some more . . .

1.  Meditate.  Yup, even five minute increments will do, and here is just how to go about it.

2.  Let loose.  Make a list of every positive action you want to take over the next three months for a better, healthier life.  Let your thoughts flow. Just keep writing. Go back and assess it later.

3.  Give a kind message.  Text three friends or family members and give them a positive message.  Even a simple, “I am thinking about you!” is pretty nice!

4.  Cut a move.  If no one is looking. do some lunges, even a push-up or two.  Want something a little less rigorous? There are loads of simple stretches here.

5.  Plan meals.  Think of three healthy meals you can make over the next few days. Here are simple but inspiring ideas.

6.  Breath right.  Deep breathing can do wonders for your nervous system.  Dr. Weil has three ways to do it right here.

7.  Speak up.  Talking to yourself is totally fine by me, but even better, strike up a conversation with someone else who is waiting. You may learn something or even make a new friend.

8.  Pace.  At least you are moving and not sitting. Sitting too much creates all kinds of health problems. My husband paces all the time when he is on the phone waiting and he is really trim!

9.  Rest the peeps.  Yes, just close your eyes and rest them.  They work so very hard all day.  More ways to care for those windows to the soul right here.

10.  Hydrate.  Drink a full glass of water.  You probably didn’t even realize you were thirsty!  Dehydration can really drag your body down, but the power of proper hydration can make you feel so much better.

11.  Visualize positive outcomes.  Think of your life in bright, joyful ways.  Reflect on happy times you have had and how to recreate a bit of that again.

12.  Register for a fitness class online.  Now is the time to try that new yoga or spin class.  Let Groupon trigger ideas.

13.  De-clutter.  Clean out your purse, your briefcase.  Being organized helps lower stress, after all.

14.  Stroll about.  If you know the wait will be a while, take a walk.  Anywhere, but outside in the fresh air, even better.

15.  Be still.  Do absolutely nothing. I think this is one of my favorites.  We are always so purposeful most of the time.  Let your mind wander.  Sometimes, it really has a good message you need to hear.

I bet you have great ideas of how to handle waiting time. What should be number 16, or 17 or . . .? What else can we do when we spend all that time waiting? Let us know in the comments!



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photo credit: Splitshire.com


I was reading about visualising positive outcomes somewhere else today … and I'm definitely going to try it! Thanks for the little extra reminder! 🙂

You bet, Helen. Let me know if it works for you!

Great post! Waiting can be so difficult, sometimes just a short wait like in line, but other times it can be so difficult when you are waiting to hear of some important news. Just breathing and praying really helps me get through the "tough waits" Stretching helps too and just counting my blessings when I'm super stressed. I just make myself go through all the many ways I've been so blessed and it refreshes me.

Excellent point! Waiting for news or an answer can be really stressful and much more difficult than waiting in line or in the carpool! I like counting the blessings idea. Meditation can help, too, for that intense kind of waiting. As usual – great commenting!

This is so healthy!! LOVELY! It's so true that health is so much more than just what you eat, it's a lifestyle! God has been teaching me that patience def isn't my strength! SO this is another reminder that I need to work on it! 🙂

I guess that quote spoke to you, Cailee. I can relate to it as well. Waiting is inevitable so best just surrender and make use of the time to do something positive for yourself or others!

Giving ourselves a pep talk is a great idea! We all need some self-encouragement sometimes! Or, just closing the eyes, as you said. All good Thanks for adding to the conversation, Gigi!

I sometimes play games on my phone, I sometimes just stare at the wall and I sometimes just close my eyes and think…. Thinking isn't always the best, but… Sometimes it can be. I actually like to talk to myself out loud sometimes too – Pep talk, you know? LOL