Your bedroom should be an area of rest, should it not? It is your personal area of restorative space where you slumber and revitalize yourself for the next day. It is also a room where you could safely say you spend the most time because those eight hours of nod (or thereabouts) can add up to a big chunk of your life.

With so much time spent there, it makes sense to make is a hazard-free, health-promoting space.  It really is not a big task and, in fact, a few of the tips listed here are free!  These easy steps can be done right away or a bit over time to make it that area of your home that you can safely and surely rest easy!





Follow these easy ways to purge your bedroom of health hazards and create a revitalizing, dream-promoting space:

1.Suds up.  Got a favorite pillow? Great, but best keep it that way. Wash those pillows regularly along with your sheets to keep those germs, bacteria, dust mites and other allergens away.  Here is information on how to best wash your bed pillow.  In the market for a new one as your pillow is not giving you the support you need for a restful sleep? Check out what to look for here and where to shop for one.

2. Color a restful hue.  Blue appears to be the color of choice for a rest-inducing bedroom. But, keep those paints free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) to keep the toxic load low.

3. Make smart bedding choices.  Purchasing an organic mattress for me was a game changer for my back, but it has loads of other benefits, too.  I wrote about that mattress here and about transitioning to organic bedding here and the reasons for making the switch.

And for those chairs and other upholstered bedroom pieces, you may have in your room? Shop wisely as those stain-resistant fabrics often contain many compounds that are believed to cause serious health problems.


4. Keep it green and pure.  Houseplants can be a great addition to your bedroom as they can be great air purifiers as well as add some cheer to your space.  If you are not into caring for houseplants though, another alternative is an air filter to remove all dust, allergens, chemicals, gasses, viruses, and bacteria.

5. Power off an hour before bed.  If you’re using any electronics during the hour before you retire for the day, they may be disrupting your natural sleep habits. Exposure to the electronics may be an overall issue for our health, but also artificial light from digital screens stimulates brain activity. This may make falling asleep a harder task.  You could keep the TV and computer out of your bedroom or at least dim your screen, if possible, closer to bedtime.




6. Ditch the sprays.   It would be best to rethink those artificial room deodorizers and spa candles. Many of them contain toxic VOCs and exposure to them can cause many issues like nausea, headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, and impaired memory. Long-term exposure may even cause cancer. Instead reach for natural candles made from vegetable, soybean or beeswax with 100 percent essential-oil fragrances.

7. Create a hum.  There are many devices that can help drown out street noise and create a camouflaging and soothing white noise instead.  This is the one I switch on every night and even travel with as well when I can.

So, what have you done to create a restful haven for yourself? Any tips to add to the list?




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I couldn't agree more with this post, especially when it comes to the organic bedding and bed. They make the world of difference within the bedroom and increase the comfort levels tremendously. Thanks for sharing!

How fun — setting up your new place! I know you have been excited to get there! You are off to a great start then! Good lighting is a great addition to the list. It is so important for reading and to create a cozy, warm feel. Best of luck with the move-in, Helen.

This is really topical for me at the moment, Lori, because I've just moved into a new flat. Rented with a bed already there (tricky) but still, I'm happy to see that I've already employed some of your top tips. Plus, our 'main colour' is blue! I think that good lighting could be added to this list, too. We got a couple of small bedside lamps and they add a lot. My next step is to get some plants!

This is so beautiful!! I do love light colored sheets and white lights to create a cozy bedroom feel! So nice and peaceful!

I agree! Aim for peace and tranquility in your bedroom space, Cailee! And go for organic bedding when you need new sheets, if you can. Thanks for joining in!

Lucky you to sleep so well so regularly! I know many that find it hard to turn off those phones. Perhaps gradually you can wean yourself! Ha! So glad you stopped by. Welcome to THe Health-Minded and please come back and comment again!

I am typically really good at sleeping like a rock, so I must be doing everything right – EXCEPT – I am not good with "powering down"…. I turn off my TV and Computer but NOT my phone!

Students can get carried away in the noise department for sure. There are many devices on the market, Ceara. Try to look for one with loudness settings to see which one drowns out the students' good times, Good luck!

Wonderful tips Lori on creating a restful and peaceful bedroom! I love the tip about getting a device that creates 'white noise'. We live on the ground floor of a student area so experience a lot of noise at night! This just might be the next addition in our bedroom 🙂

That bedroom looks so nice and peaceful.

I think so, too! What a great place to rest!