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START A HEALTH CHALLENGE AND TURN YOUR YOUR SELF-IMPROVEMENT INTO GLOBAL IMPROVEMENT e Better. I like the sound of that. Simple. To the point. Inspiring. And, so empowering. It is the name of a movement as well as a 52 week health chal... READ MORE 5 FUN & QUICK (BUT THOUGHTFUL) GIFTS FOR THE HEALTH-MINDED TYPE eed a gift for someone with no time in the schedule to go about finding it? Β Ah, yes, I have been there, too! With hectic work schedules, family deman... READ MORE IS CONCIERGE MEDICINE FOR YOU AND HOW TO FIND IT amiliar with the term concierge medicine? I wasn't until two of our regular family doctors transformed their practices using the approach. We wer... READ MORE ARE YOUR TV & MOVIE CHOICES HURTING YOUR HEALTH & RELATIONSHIPS ? shut my eyes and cover my ears during a lot of TV programming lately. My family has come to accept this part of me, but a few friends tease me about ... READ MORE 15 HEALTHY THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU ARE STUCK WAITING "Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting." Joyce Meyer t some point we all encounter it: waiting,  In... READ MORE HOW TO MAKE YOUR BEST FIRST IMPRESSIONS he connections that we form with others can play a big, big part in leading a healthy and meaningful life.  And, all those connections had to be... READ MORE CREATING INVITATIONS: MASTERING THE IMPROMTU GATHERING ntertaining friends, whether planned for months or at the last minute, is such an act of generosity. Β I always really appreciate it when someone is wi... READ MORE 10 GIFTS FOR THE HEALTH-MINDED HOSTESS re the invitations floating in?  Dinner parties, weekends away, open-houses?  Lucky you! Don't go empty-handed, now. A gracious hostess alwa... READ MORE HELP FIRST RESPONDERS HELP YOU any of us may be looking for ways to make life a little easier -- for our families, for our boss and co-workers, our children, our friends, our neig... READ MORE WHEN YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER IS NOT HELPING YOU GET BETTER                         hat weekly poker game with t... READ MORE