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5 FUN & QUICK (BUT THOUGHTFUL) GIFTS FOR THE HEALTH-MINDED TYPE eed a gift for someone with no time in the schedule to go about finding it?  Ah, yes, I have been there, too! With hectic work schedules, family deman... READ MORE IS CONCIERGE MEDICINE FOR YOU AND HOW TO FIND IT amiliar with the term concierge medicine? I wasn't until two of our regular family doctors transformed their practices using the approach. We were for... READ MORE ARE YOUR TV & MOVIE CHOICES HURTING YOUR HEALTH & RELATIONSHIPS ? shut my eyes and cover my ears during a lot of TV programming lately. My family has come to accept this part of me, but a few friends tease me about ... READ MORE 15 HEALTHY THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU ARE STUCK WAITING "Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting." Joyce Meyer t some point we all encounter it: waiting,  In fa... READ MORE HOW TO MAKE YOUR BEST FIRST IMPRESSIONS he connections that we form with others can play a big, big part in leading a healthy and meaningful life.  And, all those connections had to began ... READ MORE CREATING INVITATIONS: MASTERING THE IMPROMTU GATHERING ntertaining friends, whether planned for months or at the last minute, is such an act of generosity.  I always really appreciate it when someone is wi... READ MORE 10 GIFTS FOR THE HEALTH-MINDED HOSTESS re the invitations floating in?  Dinner parties, weekends away, open-houses?  Lucky you! Don't go empty-handed, now. A gracious hostess always appreci... READ MORE HELP FIRST RESPONDERS HELP YOU any of us may be looking for ways to make life a little easier -- for our families, for our boss and co-workers, our children, our friends, our ne... READ MORE WHEN YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER IS NOT HELPING YOU GET BETTER                         hat weekly poker game with t... READ MORE HOW TO COPE BETTER WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE   have written posts this week addressing how to combat pests and insects that get in our way, but what about bigger pests that are b... READ MORE