I can’t wait for you to meet the inspiring and passionate Seo Kelleher, a woman helping other women not only get fit, but gain confidence, find what they love and have fun! All at the same time. And, that is ALL women, by the way – no matter what shape or size, level of fitness, age or stage in life!

SEO is a fitness expert with her own fitness business and is offering a discount to THM readers for a new online workout plan you must try! Please, come meet Seo. You will be so energized by what she has to say! Promise!

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Fitness Expert Seo says fitness should be a lot more fun! Find out how to make it so and why . . . and her many other great points and tips about getting fit. (And don’t miss the program discount further below that you can download today!):


1.  You are founder and owner of CO2Fit, a fitness brand and community in Richmond, Virginia as well as creator of an exercise video you are generously discounting for THM readers today introducing a fun, quick and effective workout for many levels. How did you get to where you are? Please tell us your background and how you got started in fitness and coaching?

I used to be a corporate marketing pro for years teaching fitness classes in the evenings and on weekends. In 2012, I decided to make the scary career switch from doing what I’m supposed to be doing to doing what I felt I was meant to be doing. I used to promote medication that was supposed to help people, but now I get to really help people one by one improving their health – both body & mind.  I quit my job in June 2012 and started CO2Fit on July 1, 2012.  It’s been amazing 3.5 years or so!

2.  It takes a lot of courage to follow your heart!  Bravo! How is the studio where you teach different from others, though? Tell us more about the services you offer? What kind of clients do you have?

My partner, Sandi and I at TURN Cardio Jam Studio offer various classes like Dance Trance, Urban Ballet (dance fitness class types) and also FightingFit, Urban Sculpt, Surf FIT, Urban Bootcamp, and many more. I also do one-on-one personal training. Please check out Turnrva.com for the photos and more details of the classes.

3.  The workout video you are sharing today is called Fighting Fit.  Please tell us why you created it and tell us for what level of fitness is this video best suited.

I have been a martial artist all my life, starting with Taekwondo  and Hapkido while growing up in South Korea.  It’s always been my passion so I continued to train and then I fell in love with American-style kickboxing.

I also started teaching BodyCombat which is a kickboxing-inspired group fitness class.  Over the years of teaching both styles (cardio kickboxing/group fitness classes that are choreographed to music, which is basically “aerobics” class and technical kickboxing), I realized that there needed to be something in the middle.  The group fitness/aerobics versions lacked technical authenticity as in, “Are we dancing or kickboxing?” and “Why ARE we clapping?”  After all, there is no clapping in kickboxing!

The technical kickboxing school tended to be too hardcore and intimidating for most women to continue training.  So I just merged what I loved in both into FightingFit – you get cardio kickboxing plus technical coaching of traditional kickboxing in a non-intimidating fun group setting.  While many women (my target audience) tend to feel intimidated by the idea of kickboxing workout, the FightingFit can be done for all fitness levels because you work at your own level. Plus, because you learn proper techniques (as opposed to going blindly to fast-paced music), you will be less likely to injure yourself from improper punching and kicking, which is very important to my heart.


Tap here for a great Q and A interview and tips from a fitness expert who says exercise should be a lot more fun and why! Get a great discount to her amazing exercise download, too!
Seo smiling in the middle!

4.  Avoiding injury is critical. You are so right, Seo,  I like the sound of your approach, too. Besides getting in shape, can you tell us any specific benefits to kickboxing and your video over other exercise programs?

There is something extremely empowering for anyone (especially women) to feel like she can stand her own ground and fight.  I’m certainly not saying we should all be picking fights or be aggressive – but when push comes to shove, are you strong enough to fight back, if needed?

Some women start out being very uncomfortable hitting anything because most of us were raised to be caring and gentle and never aggressive. But, when I tell some students, “It’s your children! You need to protect them,” then I see something change in their eyes, and they are ON full-speed ahead!

Oh, and let’s not forget! It’s a great calorie burner and total body workout . . . and great stress reliever, too!

5.  Love that story about how you motivate the Moms! How effective to change the mindset, huh! Tell us, what results can we expect if we follow it regularly?  

FightingFit is a truly empowering workout for everyday people! It’s also an anti-perfection workout. None of us look like fitness celebrities or models – we all have regular lives and regular imperfect bodies, and we don’t look 100 percent perfect in the video either.  I hope to inspire people to just go and do something, find something they enjoy and just do it, and get better and get healthier and have fun!

Anyone can do this! You can see in the video a 65-year-old woman who only started going to the gym at 60-years old after retiring who totally kills it and a 16-year-old high school girl who juggles school and FightingFit.  Then, there is the working mom in her mid-40’s who has asthma which makes it very painful for her to continue training but she loves martial arts so she trains, and don’t miss the 20-something teacher who used to feel anxiety and be self-conscious about going to group fitness class but now she is one of my instructors!

The video offers multiple options depending on your fitness level, so it is for anyone that wants to try something new, fun and effective! And, I am offering a discount through March to your readers that I hope they take advantage of to help them get in shape. After all, the total body workout is quick – only 15 minutes and there are three 15-minute workouts in the program.

6.  Wow! Powerful words and example, Seo!  It really is for anyone – imperfections and all! What a contribution you are making! The video is broken down into 15 minute segments, but how often should a participant follow it? Is there any special equipment needed to follow it or other requirements?

There are three 15-minute workouts. Participants can do just one or combine 2 or 3 — no equipment needed at all!


Tap here for a great Q and A interview and tips from a fitness expert who says exercise should be a lot more fun and why! Get a great discount to her amazing exercise download, too!
Seo having fun in class!

7.  Please do share a few of your secrets! How about some other favorite fitness or health tips that we can easily incorporate for the new year to help us succeed in reaching our goals!

Do something you like and enjoy exercise.  If you hate running, don’t sign up for 5K! It always puzzles me when people sign up for a race to “motivate them to get fit” when they hate running. There are so many different ways to get fit, and you just need to keep trying new things and find it.  If you hate it and dread it, don’t punish yourself tolerating it.  If you have fun and can’t wait to go back, keep doing it.

8.  That is an excellent point – having fun! Imagine that! Looks like you have nailed that part, Seo, from the photos! So we have a great video to try now to help us get fit and have fun, of course! Now, can you share a few favorite healthy snack ideas that we can make quickly that would be good to consume before a workout or after? 

I am probably most flexible and relaxed about dieting and nutrition because I love food and enjoy eating. My go-to healthy snack/meal option is always eggs – yolks and everything –whole eggs. They are cheap, healthy, contain high protein and are delicious.  But I don’t do plain egg whites! No way! You need to make it tasty.  I even wrote an e-book:  25 ways of Eggs – Quick, Easy, “Pretty-Healthy” Recipes for Busy People. 

Don’t miss this: Find out here which is the healthiest egg choice from all those various cartons on the shelves!

9.  Are you part of social media where participants can communicate with you or share their progress in your program?

Yes! I’d love that. I’m very active on Instagram and Facebook!  Here are my links:

10.  Is there anything else you want to share with the THM readers that may help?

I think i shared enough information!  I would emphasize though — don’t over think or psych yourself out trying to be perfect! Just give yourself a break and try new things and go for having fun!  To make my point, check out this recent video on fear I made on how many women feel the perfectionist syndrome and wanting to quit and how to avoid that and not cheat yourself.


Tap here for a great interview and actionable tips from a fitness expert who says exercise should be a lot more fun and why! Get a great discount to her amazing exercise download, too!



I really recommend Seo’s program as you can fit it in any time of day, anywhere! No equipment is needed and you can create a workout that is as long or as short as you like with the several options. It is so adaptable!  For example, I am traveling right now and have done this video in my hotel room!You can try it easily at your home, too! And, if you are on the fence, here is what another blogger had to say about Seo and the classes she teaches and the fun she had.

Here are the easy steps to take to get your exercise video that ordinarily sells for $19.99.  THM readers receive a 20 percent discount with the code below. But remember, the discount runs out by March 31st. Here are the easy steps to be on your way to a new exercise plan in minutes:

  • Paste this website address in your browser: https://co2fit.dpdcart.com/
  • Choose the center box for the download.
  • Type this promo coupon code in the coupon box on the left-hand side and tap “apply” to receive 20 percent off your purchase:  HM15 
  • Complete the checkout and payment.
  • Access to the download is available immediately.

Thank you so much, Seo, for your energetic and motivational push for us all to get fit and make the critical choice to have fun with it.


Adding a little fun to a fitness routine can keep participants motivated, and more likely to exercise more effectively.

Excellent point! Motivation to make exercise a routine is key!

I don't like running on a treadmill and lifting heavy weights..Thats I love doing dance workout daily to make me fit and have fun on my workouts. Dancing is a great way to burn tons of calories. You can do it in the comfort of your own home also 🙂

So true! It is a wonderfull way to get fit!

I totally agree that fitness should be a lot more fun! That is the key to exercising regularly — despite many excuses we can make for not exercising. Thanks for sharing this delightful Q & A with Seo at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! I appreciate it. I'm pinning and sharing this!

Yes, Seo makes such a good point to find what we love! Thanks for coming by, Deborah!

I took a kickboxing class in college and it was a ton of fun – and fun is what fitness should be about for sure!

Fun is the aim of the game, Nicole. So right!

What a cool class! I've taken just regular kick-boxing, but this takes it to the next level. So cool!

It is and so accessible for everyone, Julie! I love Seo's message! Give it a go if you are looking for a new workout from home.

This looks like fun! Would these types of workouts work well for an asthmatic?

Great question, Rachel, as one of Seo's instructors has asthma. Provided you are okayed by your doctor for exercise and you take medication that he or she prescribes for you for it and any other measures he says to take, I think this is a great option. But, I would check with your doctor that treats you for your asthma! So glad you came by and I hope you enjoy these fun workouts that can be done anywhere!

If you don't enjoy what you're doing you're not going to stick with it. Find what you love!

You got that right, Jill! Thanks for adding in here.

Kickboxing is such a great way to get fit! And I love the feeling of strength and power I get when I do it. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger's Pit Stop!

Yes, it does make you feel strong mentally and physically! You are right, Debbie.

I have to have fun on my workouts! I do kickboxing every Wednesday it's my favorite non running day.

Deborah – great way to mix it up. Good for you! You must be so fit!

Workouts have to be fun indeed.
I used to do Body Combat and I loved it.
Unfortunately, they stopped offering it at the gym I used to go to. Luckily, I discovered CrossFit afterwards. I can't wait to be back to the box next week!
Thanks for sharing it!

Happy to see you, Debbie! How great you have found workouts that are effective and FUN! And make you want to go back to it.

This is awesome. .. if I get my tax return back in time. .. I'll be getting these. I need something like this for the winter. ♡♡

Great, Launna! Always good to switch up the routine! Thanks for popping in!