Lucky enough to be hitting the road soon on a much-needed adventure? Or, possibly boarding a plane to a far-away land to discover? Maybe even paying a visit to see relatives or close friends you have not seen in entirely too long? Or creating plans to set sail on a cruise to a tropical paradise for serious relaxation? The form of travel can be an experience in and of itself, but all new destinations (or even ones we have been to before) expand us in so many healthy ways for our body and soul.

Here is what I mean:

When we travel, we are exposed to new landscapes, new languages, new customs, new cultures, new climates, new adventures, new people and new foods.  All of these can provide keener perspectives about other parts of the world and its people but also about ourselves. It can stimulate questions to ask ourselves like these:

  • How did we feel when we were there?
  • What did we think about the people we encountered?
  • What did we like or not like?
  • What did we eat?
  • What did we learn?
  • What are some healthy habits, experiences, customs or foods we would like to adopt into our own lives when we return home?



Travel expands and enriches our life in so many ways! Find here some of the bigger and more life-changing impacts you could experience - all leading you to a much healthier and balanced life!


T-shirts or postcards may be some of the items you stuffed in your suitcase before returning home from your travels, but could there be some more intangible items that you bring home with you, too? There may be even some you do not need to declare in customs or collect dust on your shelf!

Some of the more elusive and life-changing souvenirs you could have brought back with you could include these – all leading you to a much healthier, richer and more balanced life:



This was the trip you really had the time to spend with your nieces and nephews.  Perhaps you taught them your favorite card game or how to water-ski.  You shared some great laughs and lost track of time being with them.  This was the trip you got to know them and they got to know you.  Or, maybe you met some incredible person of the romantic kind.  A hot new romance may have just sparked.  Or, some people from another culture were so generous and kind with their time and efforts to show you their country.  Now, you are convinced you are friends for life.  In fact, you are hosting them next year.  All connections.  All great.  All crucial to a better life.
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You threw caution to the wind and partook in some strange adventures of the culinary kind.  Good or bad, you tried it.  And, maybe you even liked it.  Did you find a new favorite healthy food or method of cooking?  Or did your time with a relative allow you to learn some secret family recipe that you want to perfect and pass down?  Be sure to share it with others when you get home.Don’t miss this: Find here all kinds of superfoods from around the world!


Travel expands and enriches our life in so many ways! Find here some of the bigger and more life-changing impacts you could experience - all leading you to a much healthier and balanced life!



This trip was full of outdoor escapes and some that included some sporting activities you had never tried.  Maybe you were even good at it.  Great.  Now, bring it back and incorporate it into your exercise routine at home.
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Other cultures, other religions.  Perhaps you were exposed to a ceremony celebrating a religious belief you do no share.  But, you learned more about it.  Or ,perhaps you were visiting friends that incorporate prayer into their meal time where you do not.  You liked that and now are making that a habit you will try with your family.  Meditation is also important to many cultures.  Your visit with your college friend introduced you to it and now you are going to give it a try at home each morning this week.Don’t miss this: Learn a bit about why to choose yoga, tai-chi and meditation to balance your day right here!


You practiced a few basic expressions to get you by before you left for the other country but after hearing it spoken daily, you were intrigued and want to learn more.  You picked up quite a bit and will go home and study some more for next time you go to a place where they speak that language or return to this one.


Maneuvering about locations other than home and meeting new people can provide a heightened confidence in yourself and a better understanding of other cultures and what their daily lives and challenges are.  You may learn what their hopes for their part of the world are and how they view your country as well.  Or, you may gain a new perspective on a family member and who they really are just by spending more time and observing them.


So, what about you and your travels?  What did you bring back and why?  Please tell us your story and share in the comments!


Live healthy, live longer. Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can help you live longer. Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise, it also includes having a positive mental health, healthy self-image and a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, it all comes together, Nick!

This is exactly what I needed to read as I gear up to spend every weekend for the next month on the road! I travel often and while I LOVE it, it can be exhausting too. Nice reminder to enjoy myself, even on those crazy work trips!

Yes, Arielle – do try to see it as an advantage but take time to rest, too!

I have been traveling since I saved enough money right out of college to book a trip to another country. My first trip to Haiti changed my life and I have been traveling frequently around the world, ever since. Travel has broadened my perspective and changed my life! My favorite trip to Istanbul was eye-opening and amazing! Thanks for sharing your enlightening post, How Travel Can Lead You To An Amazingly Healthier Life with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing.

Oh yes, travel is so expanding! How wonderful you have made it to those locations, grew and made wonderful memories! So glad you shared that with us!

Lori, I loved this post so much that I included it in my Shout Saturday of February. I hope it's OK with you.

How nice to hear, Debbie! A huge thank you to you! So glad it resonated with you. Travel, i think, is an important part of living a healthier life – low budget and all. Day trips count, too. Visits to friends, even traveling within your own city – so to speak. Thanks for coming by and always good to see you here.

I love to try new activities when we travel. I went stand up paddle boarding in Aruba.

New activities all the way! That sounds like lots of fun, Deborah! Those waters are gorgeous and it is a good workout!

I have intentionally started to eating healthier foods.

That is always a smart move to look and feel your best! Good for you. Pop back and let us know how you are going about that!

I couldn't agree more, Lori!
I have to admit that my trips to Brazil are not that healthy because they are me going back home. In all the other cases, I do make use of my time off to enjoy some rest, recovery and reconnection.
Great tips!

Great to see you, Debbie! I like that – R and R and R – and so critical to regroup!

New foods are my favorite travel souvenir – literally, food items are often the only thing I buy to bring home!

One of my favorites, too, Hannah! They are great gifts and to bring back great travel memories!

We love to travel. I never actually thought about the health benefits. Very cool.

Thanks for sharing with friends at Fitness Health & Happiness. Have a great weekend!

I am working on planning a trip this weekend so it will be a great weekend, Jill! So glad the post got you thinking of travel in a new way! Thanks for taking the time to stop in!

I want to travel so much… I just have 6-7 more years before my little one is ready to be on her own… then I am traveling everywhere for all the reasons you right… I want to learn new things and interact with new people and see all kinds of sights xox

So great, Launna. You won't be sorry as it is so expanding in so many ways. But, don't wait all those years! Take your little one along – even a day trip or two with Mom can do wonders for you both and your relationship!

This is very true although sometimes travel can be the opposite – more indulgences and alcohol. But I'm generally a lot more active throughout my day with a lot of walking when I'm travelling so it balances out.

Indulgences can creep in if we are not careful. That is so, Jen, but hopefully, we can make good choices for ourselves and bring back new healthier ways we learned along the journey. Thanks for adding in. I appreciate that.

Glad it got you thinking, Sue, and perhaps now see travel and its endless benefits in a new way. Great of you to take the time to comment!

I love to travel but I never thought about the health benefits. Meeting new people and connecting is obvious but you have listed others that I would not have thought of. Stopping by from Bloggers Pit stop and have a lovely day.