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Links to Your Health

Tap on these links of interesting wellness beats you may not have caught this month:

1.  You won’t believe this: just gazing in the mirror could provide a daily check-up sometime soon!

2.  I suppose we could simply call these sympathy pounds for future dads.

3.  Hide the remote to keep that brain sharp and here is why.

4.  Tell me, how could this possibly find its way into a favorite creative toy?

5.  Your body may look at rest, but so, so much is really going on!

6.  The future is looking hot for bathing in mineral springs.  Find out why you may want to jump in, too.

7.  Experience frequent back pain?  That frequency counts, apparently.

8.  Here’s more evidence that beginning early to create that exercise routine shows big benefits.

9.  Listen up to create hope in detecting cancer earlier and easier, creating more treatment options, too.

10.  Check out these tricky sources of the “way too much sugar that we all consume.

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Great round up here and informative for all of us that don't catch healthy things in the news. Love that you keep us up to date. Keep it coming. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

I will do my best, Jenny! Thanks and always good to see you pop in.

I love the drink link! Thank you! I have a lot of people in mind that need to see this!

It is an eye-opener, isn't it, Angie? So glad to hear it may help!

Great tips! I have been keeping the TV on lock down this summer trying to encourage the kids to use their imagination! 🙂

Oh! Great move, Annmarie!

ooh I need to go back and check out some of those links. Good info thanks!

I hope you do, Deborah! Thanks for coming by.

Love this news post…great stuff!!!I love number 8 and trying to get the hubby into a routine 🙂

thanks for linking up!

So happy you stopped by, Sarah!

Such awesome tips! I will be surely checking them out.
Great work putting them all together and sharing them on #TipTuesday.

As always – thanks for the kind words, Debbie!

I think creating an exercise routine is imperative… we lead lives that are too sedentary… we use the fact that we don't have time… yet we do if we want to. I once gave up TV for 8 months… I could go for that again ♡

You have great discipline, Launna! You are right that exercise is a big part of living the healthy life!