If you think about it, in many cases, eating healthy can be ridiculously easy! And, a good portion of healthy food is ridiculously delicious as well. Really, there is little need to groan and fuss over preparing healthy goods. Let me show you.  Scroll on down for a quick example of what I mean.


Starting your day off with a filling, energy producing, super nutritious choice just makes sense.  And, sure, we want it to taste good and not take forever to prepare either.  Well, I have crazy good . . . crazy healthy and . . . crazy easy right here that my family and I love to start our day off with and maybe you, too.





Before we get to the toppings that really are the nutrition super stars of this morning start-up, here is some brief information on steel cut oats and why I choose them over rolled oats:

  • They are less processed than rolled oats and less processed food is usually a better choice all around.
  • Steel cut oats are lower on the Glycemic Index keeping our blood sugar levels at better levels.
  • The taste is superior to rolled oats.
  • They reheat beautifully and not gummy like rolled oats.

And, how to make them? So crazy easy: 5 minutes of time the night before and you’ll wake up to warm, creamy oats almost instantly. Here is how to do it for about 4 bowls of oats, but I suggest doubling it as you can eat this for several days as steel cuts oats reheat beautifully and not gummy at all like their processed cousin, rolled oats.


Amp your breakfast and begin your day right with this crazy good, crazy easy, super healthy way to eat oats loaded with health benefits! (TheHealthMinded,com) #healthyrecipe


  • 1 cup of steel cut oats
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 3.5 cups water
  • very small pinch of pink salt
  • 1/2 cup almond milk or maybe a bit more
  • dash of vanilla
  • toppings of choice

medium saucepan

Now do this

  • Warm olive oil in pan over medium heat.
  • Sprinkle in oats and stir about to toast them for 2 -3 minutes.  Don’t burn – just lightly toast.
  • Stir in water, vanilla and salt and stir again.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Turn off the heat and cover the pan.
  • Place in refrigerator overnight.
  • Sleep well!
  • The next morning, stir in almond milk and bring the oatmeal back up to a simmer to warm. You can add more almond milk for the consistency you like.
  • Add toppings discussed below.

Note: I have also used leftover quinoa as a morning grain as well.  The texture is different but it is a healthy start as well.




Morning steel cut oats are beneficial on their own but when you top it with these healthy additions, you know you are doing your body good. Real good! 

Here is where the crazy healthy comes in.  Its the stuff you spoon over and stir in that make this over the top good for your body and brain:

1.  Sweeten naturally.  If you like a touch of sweet to your morning, reach for a sweetener with benefits: some chopped dates or date syrup stirred in when making the night before are wonderful and raw honey drizzled over the cooked grains is delicious.

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2.  Gather berries.  Whether dried or fresh, all berries are chock full of antioxidants and nutrients.

3.  Sprinkle spices.  Some classics would be Ceylon cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and cardamom to add some flavor and health.

Don’t miss this.  Make sure you have the right cinnamon on your shelf. There is a difference!


Elevate those morning oats to great nutritious heights with these super tasty, simple additions to do your body and brain a whole lot of good! (TheHealthMinded.com) #health

4. Reach for dessert.  Sound weird?  It can work!  Chocolate is a favorite for many and cacao (from which chocolate is made) is a wise choice as it is a great mood elevator and rates high in the ANDI index (a food rating system for nutrient dense foods). Stir it in with some strawberry bits or orange sections for that classic fruit and chocolate taste but you may want to offset it with a natural sweetener as cacao is unsweetened chocolate.  Sliced almonds on top could be good, too.

5.  Add tea.   Matcha tea gives such a nice even level of energy and focus to your morning along with loads of other health benefits, so putting up with the green tinge to your oats that it may bring is worth it! (And your kids may love it!) Add some mashed banana and raw honey to balance it.

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6.  Use leftovers. Yes, really.  A bit of pureed pumpkin or sweet potato is great stirred in with some pecans, honey, cinnamon and a few dried wild-blueberries.

7.  Add crunch with seeds and nuts.  Chopped pecans, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds – there is no limit to add any of these for texture and so much nutrition and healthy fat.

There are plenty of other ways to begin your day, too. Be sure to check out my healthy morning routines Pinterest board for other great ideas to start the day off right!

Do you have a favorite combo you add to your oats? Have you tried overnight oats with success? Tell me!


My what healthy and delectable tips for making the most of steel cut oats! I love to make them at home as well! I haven't pan roasted mine before so I'll have to try that method! I usually make enough for several days and add raisins, nuts, apples, chia seeds or berries to them. Thanks for sharing this delightful post with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I'm pinning and sharing!

Hmmm. All great additions! And, do try toasting the oats. It is a nice little touch. Thanks Deborah!

I love oatmeal and eat it so many various ways these days and just shared my favorite overnight oats in a jar on my blog a few weeks ago. So easy and so many combinations you can make. These sound yummy Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

I will have to check it out, Jenny! Thanks!

Thanks for these great and healthy ideas, I am always looking for new breakfast ideas.
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Great! Hope it works for you as well as it does at our house.

I've always been wanting to try 'overnight' oats. Thanks for the tips on getting started, and thanks for linking up!

Do try it! So easy and satisfying, Michelle.

I love oatmeal, but I do need to stop being lazy and make it from scratch, rather than rely on the instant stuff!

It really does not take much more time and the rewards are sooooo worth it, Janelle!

anytime you tell me to add chocolate to my breakfast – I'm a fan!

Thanks for linking up!

Ha! I hear ya! It can be so yummy, Sarah!

I haven't ever tried overnight oats, but I think my daughter would love these! I eat mostly paleo so oats are not on my breakfast menu, however I make the steel cuts oats at least once a week for my 3 year old. She loves it and I know it is a healthy start to her day!
Thanks for linking up! 🙂

She is a lucky girl to have a Mom do that for her! Great job!

YUM! Sounds so good- never would have thought of using olive oil- I have been using coconut oil though 🙂

Coconut oil is a great option, too! Use your favorite healthy oil – by all means!

I love grains of all kinds for breakfast. This is a great primer. Maybe you will join our meatless Monday link up soon would love to have you

Thanks Deborah! I will pop over a bit later! Thanks for coming by.

I love overnight oats – equal parts oats, yogurt and milk of choice. I add apple or banana and stir in a spoonful of PB into it

Yummy sounding combo, Morgan! Thanks for sharing it.

I'll be trying these oats later this week for sure.
I finally got my gluten free oats again. Man I love it!!
Thanks for sharing it on #TipTuesday.

Great, Debbie! It's a great way to start the day!

Yogurt could be good – I have not tried that one! Thanks for adding in, Launna.

I like rolled oats… I am going to have to try these healthier version… I'd put some fruity yogurt with it and lots of extra fruit ♡ xox