A friend said to me the other day that she couldn’t join our regular group lunch because she was “doing a cleanse.”  We still got together, though – just not arranged around meal time. I hear that phrase “doing a cleanse” and see the prepared kits of juices and whatnot all over the Internet.  It may be just the ticket to get someone on the right track for a healthier start. But, for others, it may be only a temporary diversion from their unhealthy ways for the few days of “the cleanse.” But, whichever it is, no judgement here. The choice is yours for what works for you to pay more attention to your health and your part in creating it.

7 habits to detox daily



More likely, it is the daily habits we do (and not do) that create our best health.  A 3-day cleanse probably can’t makeup for a 300-day binge on oreos, potato chips and bottles of soda (unless you use that cleanse as a beginning to better awareness). So, here are a few ways that you can incorporate into your everyday life to create an on-going cleanse that won’t cause hunger pangs:


Start your day off with warm water and lemon (explained why here), a few gentle stretches and some positive thoughts in there, too, for the day.


Incorporate some deep breaths throughout the day to clean out your lungs and bring oxygen to all your cells in your body. In case you need to learn how to breathe correctly, here are some tips on how a doctor says to do it the right way.


Sweating out toxins that can build up in our liver and cells can be done in many ways: aerobic exercise where you build up a sweat, saunas, and a relaxing bath routine like this one all help.

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Think about dry brushing daily or a few times a week to help your circulation along (which helps the detoxification process). It helps create soft skin, too.

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Keep hydrated to clear your system.  There are many health benefits to staying well hydrated – one of which is flushing your system and supporting the kidneys and liver.  It is amazing how much more energetic you feel when properly hydrated, too.


Incorporate vegetables like these and these in your diet daily to keep your system moving, fortify yourself with antioxidants and support your liver. Smoothies are a great way to pack them in or soups like these, too.

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Consuming plenty of roughage or high-fiber foods can play a big part in detoxifying your digestive system every day. Check out this high fiber foods list to ensure you are choosing a variety of them daily.

So, have you done a juice cleanse or do you run far from the mere mention of the phrase? How do you keep things running well for you in your body on a daily or near-daily basis.  I’d love to know!



Try one or two or maybe all of these tools to make your daily detox habits stick and be more effective:


  • Quality sleep is important to clearing your system of what it does not need. Try creating a restful bedroom to help you sleep better with these tips.

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Wonderful to hear, Katherine! I hope it helps others learn a few simple ways that can pay off large for their health that we can do daily. Thank you so, so much!

Some very good common sense ideas that many don't think about. Appreciate you sharing your ideas.

You are very welcome, Maria!

I, too, am all about creating a healthy lifestyle–not just band-aid methods or quick fixes. Living our best healthy life is all about the beneficial things we do each and every day. Thank you so much for sharing your helpful and enlightening gardening daily habits that can help us live a healthier lifestyle with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm so glad you partied with us! I sincerely appreciate your valuable contribution. I'm pinning and sharing this post!

You are very kind, Deborah! Thanks for taking the time to say such nice things!

great tips! You can't go wrong with water 🙂

That is an important one, Dannii!

I LOVE this. I am all about detoxing naturally to refresh the body and the mind #wowlinkup

The mind, too. That is important as well. Good point!

These are all such great reminders. Thank-you so much for sharing them 🙂


You are most welcome, Erin! Thanks for stopping by!

Great tips! I'm currently going through a cleanse, but it's nice to have tips like these we can easily do on a daily basis. Happy Weekend!

Yes! There are lots of ways to keep a good thing going. Hope you feel great after your cleanse and keep it up in smaller ways all year.

I am going through a detox now with Naked Me Tea and it is gentle and I am very happy with this so far. It is so cool. #wowlinkup

I have never heard of that tea – it is a new one on me. Glad you are finding it effective. Thanks for stopping in!

Wonderful tips for the new year, Lori. There are a few of these I do already and a few I could work on. Thank you!

You are welcome! Good for you – we are all a work in progress, Helen!

Great tips! I really need to look more into dry brushing. 🙂 #wowlinkup

Hello! It really is so simple and can do so much for your skin and your health. It is an inexpensive option too. Check out my post on that in the links above (tip #5) if you want more specifics on it. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

thanks for the great tips! happy new year!

Glad you are finding them helpful and wishes for a healthy and happy one to you as well!

Thanks for these awesome tips! It's always good to detox and get back on the path to a healthy lifestyle. I'm doing the Whole30 detox which will help me transition into a paleo lifestyle. I was on vacation in Vietnam and I enjoyed too much rice noodles and beer so now I have to get back on track.
Have a wonderful week!

When we travel, it is nice to experience the local cuisine but always smart to get back to what is healthiest for you when you get back home! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment on your health plans. I have heard good things about Whole30. Best of luck with it.

Thanks for sharing this Lori! So timely. I confess after a wonderful holiday season (with too much indulgence maybe?!?) my stomach is ready for a break! Sorry about the T.M.I. but after having Tums for dinner last night…..well, you can imagine! Ha. So ready to detox. I must start with drinking more water and getting on the smoothie bandwagon. Thanks =)

Both actions are a great healthy start to a new year! Hope you enjoyed your indulgences though – they are perfectly fine from time to time.