What’s the best way, the simplest way and and smartest way to make everything you prepare and eat at home taste delicious? Finding and preparing your meals with the freshest food. That’s it!  It is “THE SECRET!” No special techniques, not even an exotic ingredient in the mix. Just simply the freshest food you can find.

With the exceptions of certain wines, some cheeses, etc., the fresher the food, the better the taste. And, oh yes, did I mention that most of the time, the freshest food is a lot more nutritious, too?





So, how do we go about implementing this little trick of finding the freshest food? How can we do our best to get all that fresh goodness in our kitchen and on our plates? I have several suggestions for you to do just that:

1.  Grow your own.

Can’t get any fresher than opening your back door and picking the ripest tomatoes or green beans for dinner! I know we all do not have space or sunny yard to do this, but it really is so cost efficient and best tasting if possible. There are no concerns over pesticide use or contamination, either, if you choose organic gardening. If space is an issue, try container gardening for your favorite herbs and vegetables.

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2.  Mingle with foodies.

Pick the brain of your foodie friends, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances.  They will tell you the great markets, the wonderful growers at the farmers markets or food stands, yummiest bakeries or the best places to buy fresh fish in your area. They love good food and spend time finding it.

3.  Smile and make friends.  

The ones behind the counter know! Form a relationship with your local grocer, produce manager, fishmonger, bakery staff, etc. Ask them what days they receive fresh fruits and vegetables, when they get their shipments in, what day the fresh bread in the bakery is made, etc. Get to know those faces, learn something and make friends.

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4.  Outdoor shopping is more fun.

If you live in an area that has farmers’ markets, this is where you must hang out once a week or more. Walk around and notice the fresh everything — fresh meats, cheeses, and amazing produce to eat seasonally.  Check out my tips for farmers’ market buying here with the right questions and get to know your growers, too. Find out how the food has been grown or raised and the practices the farm uses. Also, ask the farmers where they are during the winter months, as many find indoor markets to participate in during the cold weather, as well.

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5.  Turn it over.

Simple, but yes, check the bottom for the expiration date on refrigerated items and pantry items too! Pick the items with the furthest date in the future to ensure you get the longest use from your purchase.

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6.  Experiment with a local group.

Sign up for a community-supported agriculture (CSA) association to provide your support to one or more local farms at the beginning of a growing season. It is fun to see what produce, meats and goods like homemade jam or eggs come in. By purchasing the farm’s products before the growing season, you are allowing the farmer to know exactly how much he or she needs to grow for the amount that is already purchased. Customers receive weekly or monthly shares with super fresh and delicious varieties.

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7.  Learn the seasons.

This varies a bit by region, but learn when your favorite produce hits their peak and buy accordingly.  Get out those favorite recipes that highlight them and you will be amazed at the improvement over a hothouse or “shipped in from other parts of the world” taste. Supply and demand applies as well as when foods are in season and more abundant, they’re significantly cheaper.

8.   Shop often.

Not buy more, but buy less actually.  Don’t overbuy fresh produce that you won’t use over the next few days as the longer it sits on your counter, the less fresh it gets.  Stop by the store more often for a few quick things to choose the freshest possible and keep that taste and nutrient value the best.




Here are two reasons why fresh can be a much better choice and why it usually tastes so much better:

1. As soon as you harvest any food, the crop begins to lose its nutritional value and the food’s enzymes begin to break down the nutrients over time.  Fresh produce at your supermarket usually has traveled for days to get there and sat on the shelf or in the back of a truck for a while.  It has, thus, lots of extra time to break down. Not good for taste or nutrient value.

2.  Taste consists of texture, flavor and aroma. If any of these are affected, the taste of that food is compromised. Older food has lost lots of moisture sitting there and the aroma has often dissipated, too.  For example, fruit on the store shelf and stale bread both have lost moisture affecting both texture and aroma.

Do you try to shop for fresh food as often as I do? Any suggestions to add to how to go about it best?

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Love this as I am a huge foodie. Such a great tips and advice here hun. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

I do grow my own and it is true they do taste better – Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

They really do, Amber! Good for you and whomever is lucky to eat at your house. Thanks for commenting.

Fresh is best! I heartily agree that the healthiest way to make everything you prepare and eat at home taste delicious is to prepare fresh food that's why I shop almost daily for small amounts of fresh, local, seasonal, organic produce and plan my simple meals around what's healthy and available so I am delighted that you shared your wonderful tips with us on the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I appreciate it. I’m pinning and sharing.

Sounds like a great plan to me, Deborah! Thanks for popping by.

This is my favorite part of having my own garden…it might be small this year (hello first year with twins 🙂 )…but I lvoe the freshness of going to my back deck and trimming my own spinach or green pepper!

That can't be beat, Sarah! Good for you doing that with twins. Hats off to you!

Homegrown food always does taste just that much better! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up!

It really does and then you want to eat more of the healthy stuff!

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It will get special mention of Friday. Well done.

Well, that makes me happy! So glad to hear others find the post useful. I appreciate all the work and help you do, Kathleen.

using seasonal produce is one of the best ways to make your food taste great. Also, knowing which herbs and spices go well together.

Oh yes, spices and herbs do so much! Great point, Dannii. Thanks for adding that!

I'm sure this is so true! I need to do it more! Glad I found you on Fridays Blog Booster Party! Pinned and followed (jody53)

Thanks so much, Jody! I really appreciate that.

Nice post. You can sure see and taste the difference from supermarket fresh foods compared with farmer market fresh foods. The latter will keep fresher longer too, not that you want to keep it too long. Thanks for sharing this helpful post on Fridays #BlogBoosterParty

So true — farmers' market or stand produce tastes unbelievably better! Thanks for coming by, Kathleen.

Great tips! I love farmers markets and try and go with a list, otherwise I end up either buying a ton of stuff that I don't know what to do with, or nothing because I am overwhelmed with choices. There's nothing like picking out your fruits and veggies straight from the source! Thanks for sharing!

It can be overwhelming – in a good way, I hope. Ask the growers how to best prepare their foods. They always have ideas and love to share. Thanks for coming by, Jody!

I had a chef once tell me the secret to making food taste great was to add a bit of butter to everything. Your solution is healthier!

Ha! I think so (but butter can be pretty yummy too!)

I love fresh fruits and vegetables… I go to a roadside stand in the summer and I plan to get to a farmers market as much as possible.

I do think I need to go more often and pick it up fresh as I need it… that way I'll have less waste…♡

Do get to that farmers' market. They are so much fun and you can learn so much about how to prepare foods, too. Thanks for coming by, Launna.