Perhaps you sail through social events like holiday parties, weddings, work functions and even family reunions without a blink of apprehension or even a slightly uncomfortable moment. You easily chat away with just about anyone, never run out of an intriguing conversational topic and relish meeting new people. In fact, you are a natural at it.

Or, . . . maybe not so much. Or, . . somewhere in-between.


Make those social events a lot more fun! Tap here to find easy steps to meet others with more ease, warm up the room, melt the ice and enjoy the event!


For many, large social gatherings, at least at first, may be a bit daunting.  I know I have felt that way at times. After all, just how exactly do you walk up to someone you don’t know well or even at all to break the ice and start connecting?  It may feel stiff, disingenuous or even boring!  Chances are, though, you are not alone in feeling that and perhaps if you make the first move, others may be quite relieved you have initiated a conversation and be forever grateful!



So, how to go about meeting others with more ease, warm up the room, melt the ice and enjoy the event?  I suggest with a little mental preparation BEFORE the event, you will be a lot more relaxed AT the event.  And, when you are more relaxed, chances are far greater to ignite a memorable conversation or two and maybe even spark a new friendship.

We all know how friendships and our relationships play a critical role in creating that healthy lifestyle we seek.  Thus, those very social events we may dread are an opportunity to create a better life. With that in mind, please come look below for a few tips I have gathered here to help make that next social gathering start off well for you and the others in the room and make for a great night . . . and just maybe, a better life!


Here are a few considerations to keep in mind before you even reach the threshold of that room full of people at your next big event:

1.  Assume the best of people and that meeting others will be interesting.

Don’t let others’ views of other partygoers steer you away from anyone too easily.  Make sure to form your own opinions based on your experience with him or her.  And, that person across the room whom you seem to have nothing in common with may have a great tale to tell or you actually may learn something new. After all, the more often you enter a conversation with the belief that it can be fascinating, the more often it will be!

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2. Remind yourself that we all share similarities.

You probably have more in common with the people in the room than you realize. You may not share a familiar life situation, but everyone has challenges, insecurities, and problems to solve. I certainly don’t suggest starting off with deeply personal questions or revelations when first meeting someone, but, if appropriate, you may find the courage to engage in a conversation after a bit on a challenging aspect of your life.


3. Be yourself.  

Don’t be someone else.  That is exhausting and wastes everyone’s time.  You are there to connect. You have a lot to offer to share and put that forward!


4.  Check your body language

How we carry ourselves sends a message as to whether we are open to meeting new people or not and plays a part in whether or not we get overlooked.  Here are a few tips many pros suggest to keep in mind so that you appear more approachable:

  • Keep your stance open and keep arms uncrossed.
  • Don’t have your nose in your phone. Head and chest up.
  • Pull your shoulders back and stand straight, but not rigid.
  • Smile at people walking by.
  • Offer to shake hands when first meeting.


5.  Try and try again.  

If it did not go well with one person, it never means it will not go well with another. Learn from your error or maybe you didn’t even make one and that person was having an off-day. Start again. Go approach someone else.

Consider practicing talking to strangers when out running errands – say while waiting in line for example.  The more you do it, the more comfortable you will become talking to people you do not know.

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Big social events can bring on the nerves! But, keep them at bay with these easy conversation starters to help you connect with those strangers in the room that could lead to a more engaging exchange and maybe even a new friend!



Typically, the better the questions, the more interesting the answers! See if any of these starters will help you get the conversation going with those strangers in the room that could lead to a more engaging exchange.  Try to remember a few of these ice-breaking conversation ideas BEFORE your next shin-dig and you will be more relaxed when you get there.  They are broken down into categories depending on what you feel comfortable with and that reflect your interests and who you really are.

Some basic starters that work for many situations:

1.  “Since we are both here in-line waiting for a (drink, ticket, food), let me please introduce myself.”

2.   “I don’t seem to know many here, so may I please introduce myself. I’m (name) and I work at (company). or I am (friends, neighbors) with (host or hostess name).”

3.  “I have been admiring your (boots, tie).  Or, I saw you holding that (book title, camera) and have been looking for one.  I am (name) and would love to hear where you purchased it or what you think of it.”


Travel is a great topic and people usually enjoy sharing their adventures and travel tales.  Here are some questions you could ask in this category:

4.  “I am currently creating a travel list and love to hear where others have been. Do you have any favorite travels or are you planning one as well?”

5.  “What countries have you traveled to and what did you bring back?”

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6.  “Do you have any favorite travel planning apps, websites or books?”

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If you have a dog or cat or other pet like I do, we animal lovers could talk all day about them. How about this?

7.  “I am new to the area and have a (type of pet).  I’m looking for (vet recs, pet sitters, groomers, favorite dog parks). If you have a pet, do you have tips?”


And, of course, people love to talk about their children:

8.  “The piano player here is very talented. My (son, daughter) dreads (or loves) (his, her) weekly lesson! Do you have children, too?”

You can’t go wrong asking if someone has a favorite something or other:

9.   “I am a fan of (TV show. author, actor).  Have you (seen latest episode, read the latest work)?  (And, if they have not, ask if they have favorite.)

10. “I’m looking for a (new book, new series on Netflix). Have you (read, watched) any good ones lately?”

11.  “After this meal, I better not skip my workout like I did tonight.  Do you have a favorite (running trail, spin instructor, yoga studio)?”

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Show you are real and self-deprecation can go miles:

12.  “I promised myself I’d meet three new people tonight.  Can I say hello and start with you?”

13.  “I don’t know a soul here. and I think everyone else knows each other.  Are you a newbie here as well?”

14.  “I made a glamorous entrance and just spilled my drink!  Has that happened to you?”

15.  “This party is getting a little crowded in there. Mind if i join you here where it is a bit quieter?”


Everyone likes to eat and spend time in beautiful surroundings. Talk about that:

16.  “Tried the (appetizer name) yet?  Wish I could make those at home as they are great!”

17.  “This room is perfect for entertaining.  The (favorite element of room) is beautiful. Have you been here before?”


News events or sports scores can be safe as long as you keep it neutral:

18. “That was quite an event today (news or sporting event).  I have not been able to catch an update on it yet today.  Have you by chance?”


Do you have a special way you connect at large social gatherings where you do not know many people? Please share your magical tips in the comments!

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Socializing successfully at events is sometimes quite challenging so I am delighted that you shared How To Easily Meet Others & Make Social Events More Fun with us at the Holiday Edition of the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!.Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year! All the best, Deborah

Sometimes it can be and it is perceptive of you to say so, Deborah. But a bit of thought before those big events can help you relax and get in the right frame-of-mind to meet others and enjoy yourself!

Great advice and great topic. Sometimes outgoing people forget that other people could be struggling. It should be fun not stressful AutumnPTW (having trouble posting comments from wordpress)

You are right, Autumn! Everyone is different when it comes to large social occasions – especially a room of strangers. I deleted your duplicate comment and sorry you were experiencing the posting issue and I really, really thank you for telling me. I would never know and perhaps others were having an issue. Thank you for taking the time to comment . . . and twice!! Happy & Healthy Holidays!

I know some people really stress about social gatherings and these are great tips! Happy Holidays

I hope they can help, Deborah. Stress can sure damper a great party and don't want those that are nervous to miss out! Thanks so much for coming by.

This was so needed…I have a social event with my boyfriend's coworkers that I am attending on Friday, and I'm so nervous about it! Thanks so much for the tips, hopefully I can break the ice! Sometimes it's hard when you're a guest at a work function because you can't talk shop with the others.

You'll do great – especially with some ways to get a conversation going now! So happy this was timely for you. It is that time of year where there are lots of social events. Have a great time, Janelle!

I have never prided myself on my ability to make small talk. Thanks for the ice-breaking tips.
Janice #PitStopCrew

I hear you! Small talk can get tiring! But, those first openers can often lead to much more interesting conversation hopefully! I hope these ice breakers lead you to that, Janice. Thanks for stopping in.

These are great ideas. I have a child with social anxiety and I know these tips will help so many people. Thanks for linking to Tips & Tricks!

Patti – you have made my day! I really do hope the post provides practical steps to help those who have a harder time in big, unknown crowds. I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

Spouses office part is this weekend and I don't know a soul. I even told him to go by his self. But I thought better of it and got a dress (I hate wearing dresses) its formal so I had to. I am going to try a few of these and let you know how they went thanks for sharing on Tips and Tricks on Stringtown Home.

Great, Heather! I hope these help you relax, meet some others and enjoy your night! I am sure your spouse appreciates it.

Great suggestions. These starter tips can help in any situation from the park or playground to your spouse's office party or church function. They are realistic. I an more open to talk to people now than when I was younger but still feel anxiety going to an event where I will not know anyone. I do however push myself to go to functions regardless and don't allow myself to pick the table or seat in the back.

That is so key what you say here, Rose. To not let your concerns stop you from trying or going to the events. Glad you made that point!

Great tips! I'm fine with meeting new people and breaking the ice. It's my love of connecting with people that makes it easy.

Great, Jill!. I think we all want to connect most of the time but it harder for some to just start that conversation to begin that process. Thanks for popping by.

I used to hate going to places where I didn't know anyone when I was younger. I have improved with age I think. I love that you have provided tips and also some ideas of topics to start a conversation. Found you at #pitStop link up 🙂

Glad you found me, and liked the tips, Sue! And, thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

Very nice! I love how you added the "ice breakers" and tips for being positive! This goes perfect with my Social Health post! Thanks for stopping by earlier.

Positive attitude is a really strong component to making friends and this does tie into what your wrote about recently – you are right! Readers – do tap the link above and check out JeM's great post on social health.

These are great tips. I am an introvert and there is nothing I hate more than going to big social gatherings where I don't know anyone.

I am so happy to hear that, Leslie, and I hope something here will help you be more relaxed at your next event! But, the world certainly needs introverts! After all, what if everyone was extroverted?? I can't imagine the noise level!! Thanks for coming by.

It is so nice to see you back… I love this post… we all need help when we are meeting new people. When I was young, I was very shy and around the age of 26 I decided I needed to change that about myself, I started reaching out to people whenever possible, now I am one of those people that can pretty well talk to anyone, anytime… It's not always easy but I do it because I know how much I appreciated it when other people did if when I was shy xox

Really enjoyed your story, Launna! Now you are one of those that reach out and that we are grateful for at those big social events where we look lost! Wonderful! It does get easier the more we do it!