Lighting plays a critical role in your living spaces! Without it, even the most stylish space isn’t truly complete or even useful and the mood can go all wrong! Lighting happens to be a favorite element of mine in a room and if you are looking to uplevel your living room, open up the space or add that final touch you need but just haven’t figured it out yet, a new lamp just may do the trick! I have rounded up some lamps for the living room that I hope can solve that for you!

Scan on down for living room lighting tips as well as options for task lighting and other options for general illumination that are so important to set the right vibe in your space and, therefore, in your life!


Before we get into the actual round-up of lamps for the living room, step back and ask yourself where do you need the most light? Does it need to be brighter in one area to read or play games or do you need more background ambient light to create a brighter or softer mood, for example?
Below are more tips to quickly scan to consider before choosing the right lamp for your space.


  • Consider a floor lamp over a table and lamp combination as it could light up a corner or make a cozy reading area and complement your decor in a better way.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix a modern lamp in a traditional room. Or vice versa. It just may create the juxtaposition the room needs.
  • Placing the lamp next to the seat rather than behind it may work better to avoid casting a shadow on your reading material.
  • A pair of matching lamps placed at either end of a console table in the room can add balance and symmetry creating a pulled-together look.
  • Size is really important. If a lamp is too tall or too short,  you will either be blinded by the glare of a too-tall lamp, or the light coming from the lamp is too low to be of any use.
  • Remember scale when choosing for your room. (Scale means how the size of one object is in relation to another. Here is more information on scale in design.) For example, a small table lamp could get lost in a big room or a large lamp on a small, delicate piece of furniture could look out of balance.
  • Rules are meant to be broken. Some of the best and more interesting rooms do it!  For example, sometimes an oversized lamp or chandelier can really just work!


Below are several living room lamps (both table and floor) that I hope could be the answer to illuminating your space beautifully, creating a cozy area to gather or read or bring in that design element that reflects your taste. There are various price points for every wallet with a mix of modern and transitional pieces. Hover over the image for details:




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I hope one or two of thees lamps could be the answer to casting more light and happiness in your home. But, don’t go yet! Below are a few more ideas that may help you create the home that supports you in your goals:

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