World-traveler wannabee? I know I am.  Travel is part of life’s education.  The people you meet, the sights you see, the foods you get to try.  The cultures, the topography, and climate may all be new as well.  Travel changes you. It furthers you.  Those experiences can also lead to other experiences. More learning. More fun!
But, traveling to far away places can be uncomfortable, even exhausting. Many experience jet lag and, frankly, sometimes getting there is nothing short of exasperating. Long lines, many regulations, crowds, and delays all can make the trip there less than appealing.  I miss the comforts of home plenty when I am gone.  All the more reason to think ahead and try to alleviate some of those uncomfortable aspects so that you can focus on the adventure.




Long flights require some planning and a well-thought-out carry-on can help having the right item at your fingertips to help with some of the more unpleasant aspects of traveling and make the experience a whole lot better.

Traveling by plane we must contend with the TSA regulations that are cumbersome but necessary. Thus, any liquids I bring are, of course, TSA compliant.  (Click on the green for current TSA guidelines for that.)  I put those items in a ziplock bag for easy detection in my carry-on.




Here is what is in my carry-on for long journeys and why.  (I have not included the obvious items like a wallet and passport because you can’t board the plane without an ID!)

I have separated the sections into what you might reach for on the plane and the other items for later in case your luggage gets lost (provided you are checking baggage) and you are only left to manage with your carry-on for a day or two until the airline can get it to you. (happened to me many times!)

Keep these at easy reach.  I have linked to a few of my favorite items I like to toss in my carry-on and only link to products I find to be of excellent value::

1.  Antibacterial wipes:  I use these to wipe down the tray table, armrests, bathroom sink, my hands or anything! These smell great and are made with essential oils but no parabens or other bad stuff.

2.  iPod or smartphone with earbuds or noise-canceling headphones:  I mentioned here about creating a soothing playlist to help you sleep and relax as well as drown out the noise.  Creating a playlist is only a one time task that you can use again and again.

3.  Coconut oil:  I make a travel size jar of this that I can use as a moisturizer, lip balm and eye make- up remover.  All in one swoop.  Gotta love that.  One tiny little jar and no chemicals. I have been using this brand lately and like it!

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4.  Face wipes:  These are for sensitive skin and work well for me.

5.  Toothbrush/toothpaste and hairbrush/comb;  Pretty self-explanatory why I pack this.

6.  Warm socks: If I am not already wearing them, these are great for long flights as the air is so chilly!  Some easy slip-on shoes are good too.

7.  Eyemask:  These are great to shut out the light.  It also signals your brain to quiet down somehow. This set is on my wish list.  Seriously extravagant, yes, but compact, light and effective, will last forever and what a happy color!


Enjoy your next flight with this carry-on packing list that will start your trip off to its very best! #traveltips #packinglist #travel



8.  Pillowcase:  I bring one from home to slip over the pillow the airline provides.  You can also pack a travel pillow if you have the room. Sometimes, I just don’t.

9.  Blanket:  I have a favorite cashmere wrap I bring on board with me and that will do with shorter flights but I also have a small lightweight travel blanket I pack for longer flights. Pass on those airline offers. Way too many germs.

10.  Lavender oil:  This is nice to dab on a Kleenex to block smells that disturb you and the scent can also really help a lot of people drift off to sleep.

11.  Healthy snacks:  I almost always carry a variety of nuts and some fruit.  If I have time, I make a smoothie with chia seeds or psyllium husk right before leaving home.  I also like to load up on fruits and vegetables before leaving town in case the food choices aren’t so healthy where I will be! The seeds and husk really expand and fill you up. I sip the smoothie on the way to the airport or while waiting for the plane so that I can dispose of it before boarding.

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12.  Mints:  These are great to suck on to alleviate ear stuffiness and pain.

13.  Lemon water:  It is a wonderful way to stop dehydration and is loaded with lots of goodness for your body.

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14.  Peppermint tea and chamomile tea bags:  Slip in your favorite herbal teas.  I like these two types as the chamomile is a nice one in the evening to relax by and the peppermint tea is calming for the stomach as well as refreshing. Here is my hands-down favorite brand of peppermint tea and I have tried a lot!

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15.  OTC pain reliever of choice:  I try to not take these often but if you come down with an aching back or a headache, you might be glad to have it.

16.  Anything I am reading or working on.  It may require a pen, paper, book, laptop, etc.

17.  Baby aspirin:  My doctor, as well as many others, advise baby aspirin before boarding a long flight to alleviate blood clot potential.  Consult with your doctor about this first, though, as this may not be a good choice for you.
18. Change of clothes.  A clean shirt, socks, underwear may be a good idea in case your luggage is misplaced for a few days.
19.  Medical/Technology Essentials.  Your glasses, extra pair of contact lenses, important medications, critical phone or computer chargers should go with you, again, in case the airline misplaces your luggage.


Check out these items below that could make a big difference in creating a great flight, a great trip:

Safe travels, world traveler, and by all means, enjoy your flight! And, of course, add anything you have found to be a great addition to the carry-on.  Share it all!

So helpful! With all of the extra charges for overweight luggage, traveling with a well-packed carry on makes great sense. Thank you for sharing giving us a peek at what is in your carry-on for long journeys and why at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m Pinning and sharing.

So true. Airline travel is getting more complicated every day! Thank you for stopping by, Deborah!