Chances are you, your spouse, your children, a friend – someone you know – suffers from back pain.  Many studies show most have suffered from it at some point.  Other studies out recently even show that low back pain is a major cause of disability. That leads to a host of other problems or certainly missed opportunities. We can’t have that.
Back ache no more! Tap here for some simple switches and easy strategies you can take to help you stand tall and guard back pain. Ditch the pain pills that only cause other major health problems and get on with creating a strong healthy back today!



Sometimes, back pain with symptoms like these indicates you need to see your doctor.  Provided you have determined with your doctor nothing serious is causing the pain, caring for your back can really boil down to a lot of daily things you do and don’t do to keep it strong and flexible. Come see some simple switches and easy strategies you can take to help you stand tall and guard against future back pain.




You can take over the counter pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen, or others to mask the discomfort, but over time that choice can cause a lot of other serious issues like these:

  • liver damage
  • kidney damage
  • stomach bleeding
If you just keep reaching for the pills as a solution, you will never get to the root of the problem and may even cause much bigger problems.


Provided you have talked to your doctor about your pain and nothing is deemed a serious complication, healing your back and preventing back pain can be done!  Many times relieving pressure, protecting the back and strengthening your body can create great results.
Try some of these healthy daily habits to see if they help your back get stronger and pain-free:

1.  Pillows are not just for your head. Yes, that’s right.  Slip one under your knees too. Those pillows can help keep the high amount of pressure off your back.  A pillow under your knees slightly elevates your legs to relieve that pressure on your back as you sleep or even while lying down reading.Don’t miss this: Here is how to choose a perfectly healthy pillow just for you.


2.  Spend the extra for a good mattress.

I can personally attest to the importance of this tip.  I used to have a bit of lower back pain that would not go away.  We saved up and invested in a great mattress like this one and within 48 hours of sleeping on it, my pain was gone and it has never come back.  Until I go to a hotel with a crummy mattress.

Back ache no more! Tap here for some simple switches and easy strategies you can take to help you stand tall and guard back pain. Ditch the pain pills that only cause other major health problems and get on with creating a strong healthy back today!


3.  Check your emotions.

Your emotions have a major impact on your health including your back. It is common to tighten muscles when feeling stress exacerbating back issues.  Meditation and massage can be helpful to deal with stress. Whirpool baths can be a great aid as well to encourage muscle relaxation and increased circulation.

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4.  Seek sunshine.

Your vitamin D and calcium levels should be at the proper levels to prevent osteoporosis that can carry lots of back pain.  Consume plenty of calcium-rich foods like these and vitamin D rich foods like these. Get your blood tested for vitamin D and supplement, if necessary.  A few minutes each day in the sun lets your body create vitamin D as well.

5.  Take care of the core.Don’t skip the core work during your exercise program.  A strong core means a stronger back. Weak back and abdominal muscles cannot properly support the spine. If you’re mostly sedentary and then exert yourself on rare occasions, you are more likely to injure your back.

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6.  Keep the weight of the world off your shoulders.No hunching, slumping, rounding your shoulders or otherwise looking downtrodden when sitting or standing. Good posture looks like this.  It protects your spine and helps keep it from permanently changing it into that unattractive and painful stature.  Besides you look a lot more confident standing up straight!

7.  Ask the yoga master.Yoga can be a great preventative to back pain as it keeps the body flexible and builds strength.Don’t miss this:  Try these yoga poses specifically for lower back pain.

8.  There is another reason to put out the cigarette. 

Lots of studies point out that smokers are more likely than nonsmokers to experience back pain. Perhaps this is because the nicotine restricts blood flow and nutrients to the spine causing splits, cracks or even ruptures.
9.  Lighten the load and life with your legs.Nice of you to help your friend move into her new place but be mindful of proper lifting techniques.  And, those bulging backpacks and laptop bags, suitcases, etc. can do some damage, too. Distribute the weight when you can.  Don’t throw out your back on the first day of vacation by throwing your suitcase around.

10.  Don’t be too idle.Standing, sitting, or lying down in one place for an extended amount of time is not what we are made for.  Get up and move around regularly. It keeps the blood flowing through the bones and muscles of your back as well and eases strains.

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11.  See a pro.If your pain persists, seek help from your doctor or chiropractor and consider physical therapy, massage therapy as well as acupuncture to heal you back.



What about you?  Any tips to add to the list that helped you with back pain? Please tell us in the comments.


A back muscle strain or ligament strain is one of the most common causes of acute lower back pain. Lifting a heavy object, twisting, or a sudden movement can cause muscles or ligaments stretch or develop microscopic tears. Back Pain Symptoms & Causes are in numbers but which causes you are one of them. So be careful.

Thanks for the link and hope it helps others get to the root of their back issue. Back problems are no fun at all!

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work and a leading cause of disability worldwide. Most people have back pain at least once. Learn more on Back Pain Symptoms & Causes. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.

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