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THE HEALTHIEST EGGS TO EAT nd I thought choosing between over easy and scrambled was hard.  How about what kind of eggs to buy? Have you noticed all the labels on those cartons?... READ MORE HEALTH WARRIOR: BUTTERNUT SQUASH & A SWEET & SPICY SOUP RECIPE o appropriately named, that butternut squash. Both buttery and a bit nutty.  The bright tangerine in color and that hour-glass shape tell us fall has ... READ MORE HOW TO TELL IF YOU HAVE A MIGRAINE HEADACHE & NEW REMEDIES TO TREAT THEM f all the things I could have done that evening, I actually chose to attend a lecture on migraines. An unusual choice to spend my evening, perhaps. ... READ MORE CREATING A RICH SOCIAL LIFE AND MAKING YOUR BEST FRIENDS he connections we form, the friends we make and keep, the family life we create -- all of that, in my opinion, is what makes life worth living and, ... READ MORE COOKING WITH CHOCOLATE THE HEALTHY WAY TO FEEL & LOOK GREAT hen I was growing up, many of my friends considered breakfast cereal and cartoons a Saturday morning ritual.  Be me?  I didn't particularly ... READ MORE SHORTCUTS TO ELIMINATE PLASTIC HEALTH RISKS lastics were supposed to make our lives easier.  And, they certainly have in a lot of ways.  But, now, they have actually made our lives a little mo... READ MORE 39 SUREFIRE WAYS TO BE A MORE INTERESTING PERSON ay in, day out doing the "same old, same old" can get, well, . . . same old. So, if life lately is about as exciting as watching paint dry or even w... READ MORE WORDS OF WISDOM: BEST HEALTH QUOTES ome people just know how to say it! They can get their point across with just a mere sentence or two.  I have gathered an array of short quotes f... READ MORE COULD BANKING YOUR STEM CELLS SAVE YOUR LIFE? want to tell you about a new banking system I heard of recently and before you hit the snooze button, please give me a minute as this has nothing to w... READ MORE HOW TO CREATE YOUR STRONGEST RELATIONSHIPS IN ONE EASY STEP o you feel the strength of your personal relationships has a lot to do with your well-being? I am pretty sure most would nod in agreement to... READ MORE