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START A HEALTH CHALLENGE AND TURN YOUR YOUR SELF-IMPROVEMENT INTO GLOBAL IMPROVEMENT e Better. I like the sound of that. Simple. To the point. Inspiring. And, so empowering. It is the name of a movement as well as a 52 week health chal... READ MORE CREATING AN EASILY MANAGED MEDICAL RECORDS SYSTEM t is with a bit of trepidation that I bring up the topic for this month's health plan as any subject related to paper sorting, I want to run for the... READ MORE HOW MUCH SLEEP YOU REALLY NEED he story of Goldilocks and the three bears comes to mind when I read about a study on the perfect amount of sleep we should aim for each night. Too li... READ MORE 10 WAYS TO BANISH THE WINTER DOLDRUMS noted on the calendar this weekend that the first day of Spring is officially about five weeks away. And, let me tell you . . . I. Can. Not. Wait.&nbs... READ MORE HOW TO DESIGN YOUR HOME TO IMPROVE YOUR OUTLOOK AND YOUR HEALTH an a building and what is contained in it have the power to transform your mood, your health? I certainly think so! Here's a small example of what I m... READ MORE HOW A 5 MINUTE TASK CAN HELP YOU AVOID THE FLU ass the tissues. It's cold, flu and other yucky, no fun virus season! Some areas of the world are suffering pretty hard with it, so you can bet you wi... READ MORE 5 FUN & QUICK (BUT THOUGHTFUL) GIFTS FOR THE HEALTH-MINDED TYPE eed a gift for someone with no time in the schedule to go about finding it? Β Ah, yes, I have been there, too! With hectic work schedules, family deman... READ MORE WHY I HATE EXERCISE am a health blogger, and I hate the word exercise. Β I could be shunned and promptly escorted out the door of the healthy health bloggers' club for a... READ MORE ENTERTAINING: HOW PLACE CARDS AT A DINNER PARTY CAN MAKE YOUR GUESTS HAVE MORE FUN! hether you plan to extend or accept invitations in the coming weeks, we are about to embark on a condensed time of entertaining - the holidays.  ... READ MORE HEALTH RISKS OF IMAGING TESTS & BEST WAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM RADIATION (PART 1) odern Medicine and its advancements have certainly made many diseases almost obsolete or at least easier to diagnosis and to treat.  But, some of... READ MORE