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WORDS OF WISDOM: BEST HEALTH QUOTES ome people just know how to say it! They can get their point across with just a mere sentence or two.  I have gathered an array of short quotes f... READ MORE START A HEALTH CHALLENGE AND TURN YOUR YOUR SELF-IMPROVEMENT INTO GLOBAL IMPROVEMENT e Better. I like the sound of that. Simple. To the point. Inspiring. And, so empowering. It is the name of a movement as well as a 52 week health chal... READ MORE IS CONCIERGE MEDICINE FOR YOU AND HOW TO FIND IT amiliar with the term concierge medicine? I wasn't until two of our regular family doctors transformed their practices using the approach. We wer... READ MORE HEALTH RISKS OF IMAGING TESTS & BEST WAY TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM RADIATION (PART 1) odern Medicine and its advancements have certainly made many diseases almost obsolete or at least easier to diagnosis and to treat.  But, some of... READ MORE 3 TED TALKS ON HEALTH TO FASCINATE AND INSPIRE YOU ome people really like to talk. And, TED Talks was cleverly created to harness all that talking and innovation and put it in one place for us all to a... READ MORE BOOK LOOK: CLEAN EATS BY ALEJANDRO JUNGER, M.D. ith the abundance of healthy food bloggers for inspiration, I do not turn to cookbooks for ideas as much as I used to. Β In fact, many of my beautiful ... READ MORE HOW ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE AND SUPERBUGS WILL IMPACT YOUR LIFE ometimes you walk out of a movie theatre feeling inspired after viewing a film. Sometimes, you are left mystified over the film's plot twist or maybe ... READ MORE What to Do Before, During and After Your First Visit with a Complimentary Medicine or Integrative Medicine Practitioner Not that I like telling people what to say or do or anything, but a little extra preparation never hurt anyone.  If you read this post on ho... READ MORE WHEN YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER IS NOT HELPING YOU GET BETTER                         hat weekly poker game with t... READ MORE