With a dose of thought and awareness, your life can be the wonderful one you envision, and there is no better place to start creating it than . . . at home!

Welcome to The Health-Minded Home, a branch of The Health-Minded with specific tools to help heighten your attention to the places you live and work to enhance your life! Let’s not only make those spaces look good, but more importantly, feel good and function well to punctuate your spaces and thus, your life with more joy, balance, fulfillment and beauty.



Do check out the blog here for lots of general healthy living tips, but to support you in a more detailed and personal way in your pursuit for healthier and better living, several services are in development for The Health-Minded Home and will be announced very soon!

But, until then, I have a few things to assist you:

1. In the box in the section below, download my Quick Guide: 5 Free, Easy Feel Good Steps to A Healthy, Happy Home where I walk you through a few actions you can take to instantly improve your spaces and thus, your life. Click the first box in the section below.

2.  Follow along on Instagram for more healthy home ideas and a glimpse of just how beautifully wellness and design can merge! You can find a link in the box below.

3.  Complete the assessment in the box in the section below to help you organize and clarify your thoughts for the life you want to craft and the spaces that will support it!  Make sure to keep those answers because that will be the jumpstart to any further work we do on your spaces together!

4. Check out my lists of top tools for each room of your home to make your quest easier for creating a healthy lifestyle in a more beautiful and stylish way!

Make sure to stay tuned for how I can more personally help you create your health-minded home!