Even if you don’t see a doctor all that regularly, having one you can call when you need one is important. After all, who wants to be scrambling to find a doctor when you are not feeling well or have a medical emergency on your hands? But, finding a great doctor and dentist (I mean really top notch!) is even more paramount. Your medical team plays an enormous role in your life helping you create your optimal health as well as diagnosing issues and addressing larger health concerns, too – maybe even some that could mean life or death to you or a family member!


Tap here to check if your doctor and dentist is REALLY top notch to create your optimal health. Don't settle for second-rate health care and ensure your medical team is the best for you and your family.

Nope – you can’t just accept anyone to be part of that vital medical team for you and your family. But, how do you really know your health practitioners are really that great?  There are a lot of considerations, and it is important to ponder!  So, let’s take a moment and do just that!

I have put a short list of a few signs I think indicate you have a good medical team member on your hands. Come take a look and let me know what you think! I would love it if you would add to the list and let me know how you know you have a great doc or dentist, too, or what you think is important to look out for to find a doctor as well.




Shopping for a new doc? Look for these qualities that may indicate you have a winner:



Quality medical care is not only about internet doctor ratings or where and how many degrees hang on the doctor’s wall, but more about how many times the doctor has done the procedure or dealt with the medical issue you are experiencing.  If there is a complicated procedure your child may require or you are managing a chronic illness like asthma, a doc who specializes in your condition is usually a safer bet.

A doctor that stays up to date with continuing education is key, too.  You want a doctor that is knowledgeable of the latest research and newer procedures. Perhaps he or she teaches at the local teaching hospital, which is a good sign he or she is passionate about his or her work and thinks it is important to give back and stay up on the latest findings.
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Some people have the real scoop! Especially nurses — they always know what is really going on! Where would we be without nurses?! Pay attention to what they and the rest of the staff say in the office and hospital about your doctor.  Poke around and ask your friends, your neighbors, extended family that work in the medical world what kind of reputation your doctor has in the medical community, too.  Investigate!

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Just like with all your other relationships, honesty and transparency play a role in building trust; naturally, you want that with your medical team, too.  You need to hear the truth about your health, what can be done to improve it as well as how much experience your doctor has in handling it or how successful he or she is at helping to repair it.In turn, you must be honest and forthright with your symptoms, lifestyle, good habits and bad.  The doctor can’t make a correct diagnosis if you are keeping something from him or her.  A good doctor will ask lots of questions to dig deep about your health to get a true picture. But, please, answer them honestly and don’t be embarrassed about the answers!



That is a bit of a tongue twister! In some situations and if you are dealing with a special condition, the doctor’s personality is not the top concern. If the doctor that you have researched to have the best medical outcomes doesn’t have the best personality to match and is anything but charming, I wouldn’t let that stop you from proceeding.  Being nice is not the most important quality, but being the most technically correct surgeon probably is! I have been lucky enough to get both on occasion and consider it an act of grace! Let me clarify, though, that having a general practitioner that you see more regularly for check-ups and one that you can build a rapport and relationship with is a very, very good idea, though!



A good doctor will encourage you to seek out more information and other medical opinions and options and even help you to do so! The doctor will also listen to your ideas or research that you have produced.  The doctor should also get to know you and your lifestyle to gain a better picture of who you are and your daily habits and stress levels that could affect your health. Don’t trust a doc who tells you they are the only ones with the answers and you shouldn’t question him or her.Don’t miss this: A health coach may be a great asset to you! Here is an interview with an awarding-winning health coach that has loads of tips on living healthy and how to find the perfect coach for you.

And, now, on to your very important dental team . . .



Tap here to check if your doctor and dentist is REALLY top notch to create your optimal health. Don't settle for second-rate health care and ensure your medical team is the best for you and your family.


Like a great doctor, a great dentist and hygienist should be part of your medical team.  Your dental health has a big impact on the health of other parts of your body, too! Besides a thorough cleaning and check-up, make sure your dental team checks off these:



Early detection is important as many head and neck cancers begin in the oral cavity.  Thus, make sure your dentist does an oral cancer screening that includes checking for lumps in the neck and mouth as well as your lips and the inside of your mouth and throat.

In addition, there are mouth rinses with a dye that help detect lesions. Abnormal cells in your mouth may take up the dye in the rinse and appear blue. Your dentist may also use a special light to examine the inside of your mouth to make abnormal tissues show up easier as well.

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Before you leave your appointment for dental cleaning and check-ups, make sure to schedule the next one six months later.  Regular dental check-ups and cleanings keep toothaches at bay and prevent much bigger and painful issues. Good dentists provide reminders through email or phone calls to ensure you don’t forget to keep your appointment.


A great dentist asks about your overall health – not just what is going on in your mouth!  Several health issues affect your dental outcomes.  For example, a diagnosis of diabetes may require you t come more often for cleanings.  Diabetes is directly related to periodontal disease so extra brushing or flossing may be needed, too.  Headaches could be caused by teeth grinding and the dentist can help there as well.  The hormone levels in pregnancies could pose some dental issues as well.  Even new medications since your last visit could affect your dental health and should be noted.
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Bring in any articles or questions to ask of new research on dental care or techniques.  Even a new type of toothpaste or toothbrush should be something the hygienist and dentist should be up-to-date on and discuss with you.  They should always review any new dental care techniques as well.
If you have silver fillings (that probably contain mercury), you may want to consider finding a holistic dentist to replace them with a less harmful substance.



Ask if the X-ray machines are regularly calibrated and ensure they provide lead aprons and thyroid guards when performing x-rays. And, are the x-rays really even needed? All radiation exposure adds up! Ask!







Now is your turn!  What do you think makes a doctor or dentist top notch and how did you find your amazing doctor or dentist?


Finding a great doctor that meet my needs and preferences has been a huge challenge for me so I am delighted that you shared 10 Signs You Have a Top Doctor and Dentist with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! All the best, Deborah

Glad to see you here, Deborah! Finding a great doc can be a challenge but don't give up as it is so critical to our health and lives. I wish you the very best on your pursuits!

These are some great tips! We've moved several times and each time I have better luck finding new doctors and dentist by asking others who they like. Thanks for linking up at our Tips & Tricks Link Party!

My Life by Jess

Good for you! Asking new friends is always a great start!

I always look to the nurses and front desk staff to see if they are friendly and if they seem happy. They set the tone before you even see the doctor and are how they are is usually a sign of how the visit with the doctor will go. Another thing that is important to me is responsiveness. If I have an issue and need to talk to a doctor ASAP, is it easy to get a hold of them? Do they get back to me right away or make me wait? Do they take my problem seriously or treat me like I'm overreacting.

I am so glad you added in, here, with really, really good points, Nicole. Responsiveness is important and can make a huge difference in the outcome, too! Thanks so much for jumping in! Love that!

Thank you for sharing at #HomeMatterParty this week


You are most welcome, Julie!

I have strong belief that you need to have a family doctor and dentist… I have both, my dr knows me so well, she is around my age and thinking of retiring in a few years but she does have someone else taking over… I am going to have to get used to someone all over again and you are so right honesty is the most important thing with your dr and nothing less… As well having a dentist that you see regularly is important, that way they catch any early issues before they become catastrophic xox

Well said, as usual, Launna! Thanks for making great points!

Very good points to ponder regarding doctors and dentists. When contributing to the conversation with what we have learned else where, we should be very tactful and respectful, not sounding like a 'know it all'.

You are so right! I couldn't agree more. Respect, just like the honesty, goes both ways. Thanks for adding in, Kathleen!