Imagine we are at your place. Are there empty, lonely, white walls? Or, do I see arresting, inspiring, meaningful images on them of various shapes or color. Or, . . .  something in between? There are few changes you can make to your space that are stronger than the art you choose for it. It speaks loudly and clearly. So, what so you want it to say?


Where to find great sources for inexpensive art to improve your mood ( #art #health #mood


But, this is a healthy lifestyle blog. What does art have to do with living the healthy life? A lot, actually.

I made the connection between your environment and your health and how the design of your space can have a big impact on your mood here. You can check out the steps I walk you through to help you make that space of yours a true reflection of you. When your place reflects who you are and what stage of life you are in, it is more authentic and supports your needs. And, the art you choose for your home, your office has the unique power to create significant effects on your frame of mind, impacting your mood, your life, and yes, even your health.


So before you start making all kinds of holes in your walls, ask yourself some questions before adding art to your space. Let these five questions get you thinking about what is right for you, your space and the message and mood you want to convey:

1.  What are you saying? The art you choose for the space can welcome, stimulate, warm or soothe. It can show your humorous side, sensitive side, intense and gloomy side, or playful side. The messages and the effects are endless. Yup, that art can say whole heck of a lot!

2.  Where are you and what is the room’s function? When choosing a piece of art, it is important to consider the room you intend to view it. What you may want to see in your kitchen may be entirely different from what you want to view in your bedroom.  Is it appropriate for the space or do you even care?

3.  What is the temperature? Generally, warm tones in art tend to comfort and soothe while bright, intense colors can provoke and inspire. Where do you want the thermometer to read?

4.  What is the size? A larger piece of art will grab your attention and make a big statement.  A collection of smaller pieces together can tell a story as well but in a more subtle way.

5.  What is the vibe? The energy of a piece is important. Very much so. It can make the space go into an entirely different direction.  A particular piece can bring new light and vitality to a quiet, neutral area quite well and a mellow and softer image can dial down a busy space, too.


Where to find great sources for inexpensive art to improve your mood ( #art #health #mood



Changing your zip code or the size and shape of your rooms may not be possible, but something you can change rather easily is the art in them.  The word “art” can mean many things to many people, but make it your own and remember with these ideas below, it certainly does not have to be expensive or elaborate. Not at all!

Check out these ideas of where to obtain some art for your space easily and even inexpensively:

1.  Browse a flea market/art festival:  Go local and support an artist in your area whose works speak to you.

2.  Hop online:  The on-line company, Minted, asked me to check out their reasonable art offerings recently and I did. I was impressed and made a collage of some of the ones I really liked above. But, what about you? Click on over there to see which ones speak the words you want to say from there?

3. Choose a DIY project: Go here for some serious DIY wall art inspiration and get some simple, quick, inexpensive and fun ideas.

4.  Encourage budding artists:  Don’t just hang your children’s creations on the fridge! Frame them and place them in a prominent spot.  Talk about creating a personal edge to your place!

5.  Highlight the written word:  Frame a serious of postcards or a special letter or note for a sentimental touch.

6.  Size up your photos: Images of family and travel destinations can be a great source to include in all various sizes. Go big and bold and blow up a special image or gather many together to create that feeling of warmth that only family can provide.

7.  Go natural: Look in your backyard for living art inspiration. One of my favorite pieces of art I have is a piece of driftwood I gathered from a special walk with my Dad at our beach house as a kid. Every time I see it in our bathroom, it makes me smile and remember that day.

8.  Give mementos a spot:  Maps, tickets, coins, etc. can all tell the story of a special trip and can look great in a shadowbox.

So, where have you found your favorite pieces of art and what mood does it create for you in your space?


  • Enhance your mood with music too! Look over here for great, free ways to do it.

This post in part is sponsored by Minted. All opinions are completely my own.
photo credit: Pixabay and Minted 


I commissioned my cousin to make a painting for my guest bedroom and she did a superb job even including wine corks in the mix!!!! I love art. #wowlinkup

Your cousin? How special to have someone from your family create something for you! Great, great idea!

Would love to add more artwork to the place…love the one with the apples #wowlinkup

I like that one too, Markita! I am thinking of it for my kitchen! So many talented artists . . .

I totally agree. The right art, for you, can totally revive and enhance you. #wow

Oh yes! I know I have the favorites that always give me a life and remind me of a special time!

My hubby is an artist. We have a lot of art on our walls from him and other artist we have bought from and everything is orginal. Thanks for the tips. #wowlinkup

Lucky lady! Now, that IS a personal space like no other! I bet it is beautiful!

These are great tips! We definitely need more art in our house so I'm going to try some DIY projects!

Wow! Good for you, Liz! I am so happy to hear that. Thanks for popping in!

This is next on our list of things to do. We have painted and bought the furniture that we like, but we need to start hanging some art. It is just a big decision.

It can be a lot of fun, Dannii! Hopefully, my questions to ask yourself can help you choose what is right for you and express the mood you want. Let me know how it goes!

This is a great post! I always struggle with what to put on my walls.. my husband and I like to collect art from favorite shows (original concept sketches, drawings, limited edition cells, etc) but I don't always like splashing all the walls with our "nerd art" as I like to put it.. I have been trying to branch out and choose art based on the mood of each room, and it's a new experience for me! Great post my friend! <3 –

I think that is so neat you and your husband collect from shows. Not nerdy at all! It shows your interests and makes your place yours! Love hearing your comments. Thanks so much!

Happy Monday Lori! Well, you have touched on a topic that I feel so inadequate on! I know so little about art, but you're right, anything that affects your mood and environment is a big deal. I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in and think your drift wood story is cute. There is nothing hanging in my house Lori accept a few poems about dogs! Time for more study I think!!

That's okay, Laura! I am just here to give a little nudge. I can think of two little artists running around your home to bring some life to your space! Yes, Mother Nature is one of my favorite resources, too! Good luck!