I am a health blogger, and I hate the word exercise.  I could be shunned and promptly escorted out the door of the healthy health bloggers’ club for admitting such a thing. Perhaps you could deem me a fraud and I would understand.  Regular movement is a rather important part of this whole health bit, after all.  And, besides, how can I write asking you to try this strategy and this tool to improve your health and that of people you care about after such a proclamation?


Why I hate exercise and what to do about it












But, allow me to back up a bit.  I said I hate the WORD exercise. It just feels like work, that word. And, frankly, I can get a bit bored with that word, too. I would much prefer to move my body and get my heart pumping in natural ways where my mind is occupied as well.  Occupied perhaps on the beauty of nature,  a great conversation or an athletic skill I am working on. Not, climbing a fake stair machine, bicycling in place or running while staring at a wall.

But despite hating the word exercise, I know I still have to do it.  Our bodies (and minds) require it. And, really, that includes yours, too!




I do enjoy exercising so much more through an activity like hiking, skiing or kayaking for example, however, most days I don’t have the luxury of being able to set that much time in my day to devote to that.  So, I do have to work in an exercise routine that can be fit into a busy week to stay fit.

Because I have gotten off track these last few months with sticking to that type of exercise routine, I have gathered some tips.   Here are a few ways I have found help me in the past when I got away from a routine and that others use to help them stay on top of their exercise game that I plan to borrow as well:

1. Don’t stop.  The easiest way to keep any good habit going is not to break it.  Although, sometimes that can’t be helped.  I had a foot injury that started this whole “stopping the exercise routine” and I just have not gotten back into it as much as I should.  Try your best though to avoid long breaks in exercising as rebuilding the habit is more painful and takes more effort. I know!

2. Go steady and start easy.  Keep to it but don’t start a program too intensely or you will be too sore to move or hate it so much, you will find an excuse to not keep to it.

3. Schedule it.  I think this really helps me.  If it is on my schedule or on my to-do list, I love crossing it off! If I do it earlier in the day, I don’t have the phone ringing to interrupt me, either. That whole 21 days to make a habit could be a myth though so just schedule it and keep scheduling it.












4. Don’t let perfectionism get the best of you.  You will have good days and bad.  Don’t let one less than stellar workout ruin your efforts.  Just keep going and you will have better days, too.6.

5. Play music to make the time pass.  Music is a great tool for elevating the intensity and enjoyment of your workout. Here are some playlists to help with that tip.

6. Let your outfit lead the way.  If I lay out my workout clothes the night before, I just slip them on first thing in the morning and get the exercise routine going early in the day.

7. Find a buddy.  When I walk my dog with my husband or neighbor in our hilly neighborhood, the time flies.  Also, taking a class with a friend or having a gym buddy can keep you motivated (or at least too embarrassed to back out).

8. Change it up.  Try to vary your types of workouts to keep the boredom at bay and give your body a break. Yoga mixed in with a run or a swim or kettlebells with some long walks and a pilates class, etc.

So, how do you stick to an exercise routine that you can fit in your schedule easily? Help me keep to mine and let me hear how you do it.





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Love the points you've mentioned. Yes, having the same workout routine everyday become boring and feels like a work. We definitely should need to tweak frequently. Thanks for sharing!

A routine can be helpful to start an exercise plan, but then can get a bit boring. Best then, to switch it up and use other muscles of your body as well. Thanks for dropping by!

I totally agree that exercise shouldn't feel like work. That is why I try to do something different each day and always make sure it is fun. Dancing is my favourite workout.

Excellent point, Dannii! Mixing it up each day is really helpful and many people find dancing to be a great and fun workout.

I loved this post! Thanks for writing it – I've had a gym membership for ages that I don't use, because I'd rather be exercising in a more natural way. This was awesome 🙂

Thanks so much Michelle! I am glad some of my thoughts resonated with you. I hope you can fit in exercise any which way you can though and in a place you can enjoy. Thanks so much for stopping by!

I think I just hate the thought of exercise. Because, most days when I exercise, I find I have more energy, feel more positive and happy about myself and am motivated to use my time better! Your point about not stopping is well taken….I know there have been times in my life when I'm like, ok self, here's a little pity party for yourself, you don't have to exercise this week. And of course, guess what, it's almost impossible to get back into the routine! Point well taken.

That is where I am now, Laura, having to start again and regain where I was. Not easy but one step at a time, or weight at a time, or exercise tape at a time, or gym session at a time . . .