Delight in the abundantly cheerful and hopeful signs of spring!  Let the sunshine flood your spaces and bring the outside in to freshen and lighten your surroundings and your mood. Watch your gardens come to life, dine alfresco, and breath in that fresh spring air! Get inspired with the slideshow and the many ideas below to celebrate spring at your house and in your life in many meaningful ways!



The grass is getting greener, the days are getting longer and the air smells sweet! Time to shed the winter coat, spring into action and welcome this beautiful season with some of these ideas to lighten and freshen all around! See if any on the list below appeal to you to celebrate the hopeful season:

  1. Nothing quite beats the taste of just picked fresh vegetables on your dinner plate! Here is a detailed salad garden plan you can download right now to have fresh greens at your back door ready and waiting!
  2. Gather a blanket, a basket and those you love and get outside for a picnic.  Picnic food should both travel easily and taste fantastic.  Here are 51 picnic recipes that do just that!
  3. Spring is beautiful but those spring allergies – not so much!  Here are easy tips to deal with the pollen at your house without using any pills!
  4. Plan a lovely spring day on the trails and view all the new blooms!  Here is a detailed plan to create great times hiking with kids and making a beautiful family memory.
  5. Spring is perfect for flying a kite! It does take both wind . . . and skill.  And, apparently, there are four great ways to successfully do it.
  6. Spring break is a great time for family travel! Check out these travel ideas to create a great way to family bond!
  7. Your backyard is coming alive with color in spring, but if you want to step it up a bit, perhaps one spring you will be lucky to visit one of these amazing spring gardens around the world to get inspired to implement back home.
  8. Your home may need a bit of TLC after the harsh winter.  This handy gallery makes it easy to see what and how you should care for your home in spring.
  9. Spring produce offers an abundant of cooking ideas.  Try some of these amazing recipes in your kitchen to savor what the market offers during this season.


See if some of these items below help you celebrate spring in a new way!

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Welcome the season of spring with these great ideas for healthy recipes, garden designs, entertainment ideas, travel tips and more!