W E L C O M E!


Let’s design an environment for you and your family that optimizes your health and well-being, better reflects your goals and encourages a whole lot more balance, beauty and joy. More sunny days and a lot better health sound rather good, right? I’m Lori of The Health-Minded (THM), a certified health coach and previous interior stylist and I am here to show you, with a bit of guidance, just how easily you can create this beautiful reality!


The spaces you inhabit at home and at work play a vital role in supporting your ideals and encouraging the healthy, balanced and more joyful family lifestyle you seek. Tap on the links in the columns below to see how THM can help you with that: browse the blog, grab that free quick guide or shop my top pics to instantly elevate your spaces and your life.

See if some of these simple ideas can help you design healthier, happier spaces:

And, let’s not forget your mind! After all, you do inhabit space there, too.

Tap on the links in the columns below to browse the blog for more ideas and grab that free quick guide to instantly elevate your spaces. You can also explore the more detailed, personal services of The Health-Minded Home that are now in development to help you create brighter days and enhance your well-being and of those around you!


Health-minded I am indeed but a design groupie at heart, too! Merging these two seemingly dissimilar interests, I bring you this site showing you just how complementary wellness and design truly are!

My health-minded ways prevailed throughout my personal life and career. From caring for family members deeply affected by health challenges to my work as an editor, an interior stylist, and a certified health coach – they all allow me to draw on my various skills and bring the latest wellness bits to my coaching, the blog and to my social media accounts, too.

My days as a stylist for a top interior design boutique in the Washington, D.C. area while acting as co-designer with my husband on our own extensive (aka loooooong!) family home renovation was a busy time! But, I loved it and it only further cemented my desire to pursue a more healthy and balanced path for me and my family, including designing a health-minded, happy home.


Tell me! How do you stay health-minded? Hop on the blog comments, write an email or contact me through my social media accounts. I am just starting on Instagram, (I know, very late to the game!) but it is there that you can get a better glimpse of how healthy living and design can be the best of friends! I look forward to hearing all your thoughts!

Cheers to designing your greatest health, beautiful life and a home filled with lots more joy!