Your home holds great potential to help you achieve your goals and live a more healthy, beautiful, and balanced life. Dream house not required! It may or may not be obvious where the potential lies, but it is there — I promise!

Let this quick guide help you begin to find that powerful potential in your space to support you in creating a happier, more fulfilling and peaceful life.


Making improvements to your home or office does not always require money and time.  In fact, these five actions listed below don’t require pulling out your wallet, hiring a designer or watching the clock, but they can make a big difference enhancing your spaces and thus, improving your life!



While taking that stroll about your home, take a hard look and ensure you are choosing to surround yourself with things that do this:

  • make you happy
  • you find meaningful
  • function well for you
  • spark a positive emotion

If the painting you inherited from your great-aunt sparks a negative emotion for you, it is fine to give it to a relative or even donate it. Living with something that stirs up negativity depletes your soul! And that broken food processor in the corner cabinet is just cluttering your kitchen!

This may help, too:




It always amazes me when I “bring the outside in” how it instantly floods the area with cheer, beauty, and vibrancy! Here are some easy suggestions to do more of that:

  • Cut some branches from your yard, clip a flower or two and bring it inside.
  • Open your windows for fresh air – even in winter for a few moments at least.
  • Play a new type of music.
  • Invite a friend over for coffee in the garden.
  • Adopt a pet.

The bottom line is to seek new energy and include it in your spaces (and that includes people and pets!).

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There is no need to wait to celebrate!  Our lives are full of occasions we shouldn’t miss giving a bit more attention!  Try this to practice this idea:

  • Use the nice towels and unpack those special place settings your Grandmother gave you and use them tonight! She’ll love that you did!
  • Light a candle at dinner . . . on a Monday night.
  • Invest in a few good quality things that you will love 10 years from now instead of spending your money on a trending item you don’t even like that much. Enjoy the craftsmanship, the details of what you chose.
  • Got good news today? Or, maybe it is the first day of spring or the last day of exams or a presentation completed. Take a moment and celebrate it in a way at home that feels good to you!

Please do enjoy the things you love and don’t keep them wrapped up in the closet! You worked hard for them, so celebrate those efforts!

This may help, too:




No house is perfect! Focus on what is good in your home or workspace and play up to that.  Here is what I mean:

  • A favorite planter cracked? That’s okay! Turn it on its side for a new way of appreciating its beauty.
  • Lucky enough to have lots of sun streaming in your kitchen? What an amazing opportunity to grow a healthy herb garden that you take a pinch from to elevate your dishes.
  • Spring and summer have arrived! Great! Move your dining table to the porch in warmer seasons to create a leisurely brunch on the weekends.
  • Room too dark? Paint it a darker color and make it a moody or a cozy space to watch your favorite movies to relax more with your family.

In other words, play up the good and spend time in those favorite areas and don’t worry about the rest too much. If you like, you can always work on those other areas that bother you next!

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Change is inevitable in all areas of our lives. Most of the time, it is a good thing and offers an opportunity to grow.  That can work in your spaces, too! Refresh your perspective on your spaces and try something like this to switch it up:

  • Shop in your own home and move pieces around from room to room. What doesn’t work that well in one room can be the perfect solution to another!
  • Take on a more positive viewpoint. How about moving the sofa to face your beautiful garden.
  • You don’t have to accept what you dislike. Move a lamp to that dismal dark corner.
  • Pass it on! Edit, edit, edit and give a piece you really don’t need or is not serving you well to a friend or younger person starting out. You could make his or her day!

This may help, too:


Let me know your thoughts about the simple actions in this guide and if they inspired you to enhance your spaces and more importantly – your life!  Please, contact me here to do that. 

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