Turn your daily commute into a valuable, healthy and productive part of your day! Let it be a time to work on your life OUTSIDE of work and actually make it better! Tap here for great ideas to improve your life and maybe even see your commute as an incredible advantage!


Where I live in the Washington D.C. area, many of my neighbors, friends, family as well as myself have, at one time or another, had a long commute to work. Those long commutes can certainly add up and take a chunk of your personal time and cause frustration and stress. But, I am here to throw out some ideas on how to make better use of that time whether you commute by car, train, bus or the sidewalk . . .  or a combination of them all!

Your time is precious so why not use those commuting minutes that can turn into hours in a more healthy and productive way to work for your life outside of work, too . . and actually make it better! See if any of these ideas can work for you to change the mindset on your commute and maybe even see it as a really large advantage!






Some of these suggestions below are only conducive to public transportation and some could only apply to a commute by car.  But, depending on your method of transportation, use that time for you and begin to think of that commute time in a different way to make your life much better. I have linked to a few favorite products that are of great value I think you may want to check out:

1.  Clear your head, get your blood pumping and do your heart some good!

Fill your lungs with fresh air and get off the train 20 minutes ahead and walk the rest of the way. That’s 40 minutes of walking each day.  Even 10 minutes each way – that is 20 minutes towards your 10,000 steps each day.  Think of the fresh glow you will have when you arrive to work and how much more alert you will be! Or, perhaps you can commute by bicycle every day or some days and get your workout for the day completed!


2. Catch up with those you care about and be a great friend.

Tap into your friends and family’s social media accounts, comment and stay in touch. Send at least one email a week to a friend or family member and let them know you are thinking of them.  Send them an article you think they would like, a photo or even reminisce about a memory you shared.  They will love to hear from you! If you are alone, give them a quick call.

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3.  Create some work buddies.

Friends at your office can really make your work life more fun and more successful. So, make some pals! Perhaps a carpool could work to share costs and to get to know your work mates better and make it a more enjoyable spot to be.


Make your daily commute into a valuable, healthy and productive time for you to work on your life OUTSIDE of work and actually make it better! Tap here for great ideas to improve your life and maybe even see your commute as an incredible advantage!

4.  Become (more) brilliant.

Think of how much you can learn by easily downloading and reading all those great articles and books on your list!.  E-Readers like these are so great for commutes as they are light, glare-free and perfect to slip in a tote bag to instantly elevate your commute to YOU time!  A few of my family members love theirs and use them all the time.

You may want to create a basket like I have that I toss magazine articles or things I want to read at a later time that I can grab from when I am anticipating a wait somewhere. Choose a few each week to read during your commute.

Or, create a list of podcasts or audiobooks you can punch in your cell phone.  It is amazing what you can learn through those and many are so inspiring.  You will come home so much smarter and even in a better mood! Your family will appreciate that!

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5.  Eat a healthy, energy-making breakfast.

Let that commute get your body ready for the day ahead with a nutrient-dense, superfood breakfast to fuel your energy all morning.  A healthy smoothie, juice or a wrap are great options and easy to eat one-handed.

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6.  Make healthy dinners all week.

Well, not exactly . . . but you can pick Fridays’ commute time to meal plan for the following week. Tap into Pinterest for great healthy meal ideas.  Make your grocery list, too, and when you are running out over the weekend, you can pick up what you need and start Monday off incredibly organized and stress-free as all those time-saving, healthy meals are all planned out for the entire week and make dinner time so much smoother and healthier!

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7.  Refresh.

Being productive is great, but perhaps the thing you need the most is some downtime.  Just close your eyes and chill out.  Daydream and get some R and R during your commute time (not if you are driving of course!).

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8.  Show gratitude.

There must be someone you need to thank that has helped you or your child or someone in your circle recently.  Tell them.  Shoot a text, make a quick call, write an email or stash some inexpensive but cheerful stationary like this and a few stamps in your briefcase so that you can write a quick note of thanks when you think of it. Drop it in the mail before you hit home.

So, you can see, those commutes can really work to your advantage!  It can allow you to become more well-read, smarter, organized, better-fed, a good friend, in better shape and more!


What do you do on your commute time that has benefited you? I’d love to hear.

I've started listening to podcast when I need to commute. It has been so educational but it also helps pass the time. Before I know it, I'm at my destination and I feel like I've actually done something productive with my time.

I so agree, Victoria! So much to learn and podcasts are a wonderful resource! Great for you!

I always look forward to riding in the car with the music playing! it is my chill time before work mainly! haha Thank you for linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party! I cannot wait to see what you have for us next week!

Oh yes! Listening to music is a great thing to do on your commute time! Mood and energy lifting, too. Or soothing and relaxing as well. Great point, Gabby!

Fortunately I don't live in an area where we need to commute but these are all great tips!!!

Thanks, Annmarie! That commute can be turned around and made into a productive time for sure!

My daughter-in-law used to have a long train commute to the city each day. Apart from her work friends, she made friends on the train and once a week they would get off the train and go for coffee together and then get back and go to their various work places. You have lots of good healthy ideas here.
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What a fantastic story of your daughter-in-law! She turned her commute into new friends and connections. Gotta love that. Glad you liked the post, Kathleen. That means a lot.

I have had a long commute since I started at my current place of work nearly 8 years ago… I have not got used to it but when my legs were not sore/injured I took a good 30-45 minutes to walk each way… it really felt good to start my day off that way and end it that way too… I felt invigorated… I can't wait to feel that way again xox

I do hope you will be able to do that again soon, Launna. That is a great way to commute to work – walking! I was not aware of your injury and wish you a speedy recovery.