We humans have some basic requirements and one of them is water!  In fact, without it, every major body function would shut down. With that in mind, come find out just how many glasses to pour each day, reasons why you should that you may have never heard of, safe water bottles choices and more to keep this bodily necessity supported.

Tap here for 5 BIG reasons plenty of water is critical to feel and look your best that you may not have heard before. Learn safe water bottle choices, how much to drink each day and much more!


Water can quench your thirst like no other beverage, but it plays a much bigger role than satisfying a dry mouth.  Did you know it can do this?

1.  Water gives toxins the boots and your blood support.

Water supports your kidneys in removing toxins from your body as well as allowing your cells to absorb nutrients and expel waste products. If you don’t drink enough water, toxins mount and take a hold of your immune system. Drinking lots of water ensure that your blood will carry plenty of oxygen to those cells as well – another vital requirement for immune function.

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2.  Water ensures your healthy eating gets absorbed into your body.

If you are taking the discipline to eat well to support your immune system, you should drink plenty of water as well to ensure those nutrients are delivered to where they are needed.  Proper nutrition is crucial for your immune system and that water you consume helps you digest all those wonderful nutrients!

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3.  Water can help prevent some chronic ailments.

Some conditions that may benefit greatly from a high consumption of water are as follows:

  • Migraines to keep blood volume up and alleviate dehydration as a trigger
  • Insomnia to help regulate your temperature
  • Arthritis and joint problems to lubricate the joints
  • Depression to help produce enough serotonin

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Tap here for 5 BIG reasons plenty of water is critical to feel and look your best that you may not have heard before. Learn safe water bottle choices, how much to drink each day and much more!


4.  Water helps fight off infection.

Water helps support our lymph circulatory system which is responsible for circulating nutrients and white blood cells to our tissues. The lymph system also removes toxins from your blood. Without lymph, your immune cells would not be capable of moving through the body to fight diseases. And in order to produce lymph, your body has to have adequate amounts of water.

5.  Water keeps your teeth whiter and mouth cleaner.

All that water you are drinking sends teeth stains down the drain and keeps your mouth hydrated and bad breath free.

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Consider this when counting your water intake:
  • Experts vary on this, but the general daily recommendation is 8-10 glasses at least with a lean towards ten to twelve if you are working out or the weather is warm.
  • If you regularly drink less, your immune system is suffering as it works extra hard on neutralizing toxins in your body that you are not eliminating in your urine.
  • If you are sick, increase your intake of water, even more, to flush the system and get better faster.
  • Remember, sweetened drinks (soft drinks, juice) do not count in the tally because your body considers them more of a food source, producing waste. Water, instead, filters it.


You can’t exactly chug the recommended water intake at one sitting.  Sipping all day – at work, on errands, at the gym – is needed. Thus, a healthy tool you may want to consider is a travel water vessel for these reasons. They can also act as a measuring device of how much water you have actually consumed during your day as well.

When purchasing a water bottle (or check yours at home) for these requirements:

  • Look for water bottles that are stainless steel or glass and avoid ones made from plastic that could contain BPA.

Here are some safe water bottles to sport about to make this healthy pursuit a little easier, more effective and a little more fun.  Tap on the bold print to get more information on each. I only link to products that I find to be of excellent value.

1.  Several people in my family use and love these.  They have a beautiful assortment of colors, the design is classic and clean, water tastes great and is toxin-free (as it is glass, but still unbreakable with silicone sleeve) and they look pretty nice sitting on your desk at work . . . or anywhere.


2.  If you prefer to drink from a straw, this is a good option with a flip straw and it is stainless steel. :

3.  If you like your water cold, this stainless steel water bottle will certainly do the trick – insulated to keep it chilled for 25 hours, in fact.