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Spontaneous road trips always carry that sense of adventure we all need now and then that can do wonders for our mental health! But, to keep those travel adventures fun-filled rather than headache or accident-filled, come see an important road trip planner checklist I created for you today as well as a few other fun suggestions to make sure your travel time on the road is your absolute best!


Before your wheels hit the pavement, follow this road trip checklist of important items (with a few shopping affiliate links if needed) to keep in your car to ensure you can handle anything that comes your way down that winding road:

1.  First Aid Kit

Create a box with everything you need to clean up minor scrapes and scratches, eliminate a headache or even save a life until the paramedics can get there! Here is a complete kit that is AAA approved. So, so important!
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2.  Flashlights And Batteries

Make sure to separate the flashlight from the batteries. If the flashlight is not used, the batteries can get corroded and not work. Here is an inexpensive flashlight but ultra- bright and ready for anything.

3.  Jumpstart Cables

Because dead batteries happen. If you or an unlucky fellow traveler needs a jolt, you are prepared!

4.  Blankets

A blanket or two, depending on the size of your family, can keep you cozy and warm in the winter if you break down, and it’ll keep you and your tools clean if you have to change out a tire.

5.  Duct Tape

Duct tape can temporarily fix almost anything. I have a little story for you: When the glass of our sunroof shattered going down the highway on a road trip many years ago, we wished we had had duct tape! It was Sunday and where we were traveling NOTHING was open. We finally found some duct tape with some heavy cardboard that we scrounged up to cover the hole in our roof.  Did I mention it had started to rain and we had several hours to get to our destination? Yup – Duct tape.  Won’t ever have a car without duct tape.

6.  Flares


Road flares are critical in case you break down and don’t want to get hit or it can help someone find you, too!

7.  Water

Fresh water is important to have on hand but water bottles, when heated, can leach harmful chemicals. Keeping a jug of water in the car in case your car overheats is a good idea, but not for human consumption. You may hit a stretch of road that offers no place to stop for water, thus, it is a good idea to always bring along fresh water for everyone in your car, but an additional good measure is to bring a water filter in your car like the one below, too:
This EveryDrop™ PopOut Filter & Pitcher system creates one gallon of great-tasting filtered water in just two minutes!  And, bonus – it’s kind to the environment as one filter is equal to 450 water bottles! It is BPA-free, helps reduce bad taste, odor, chloramine and chlorine from your water and detaches to fill any container so you can enjoy freshly filtered water at home or on your travel adventures. You can filter water two ways:
  1. Using the tear-shaped pop out filter to fill any container (like in the photo on the left above)
  2. Using the clear pitcher that comes with the kit (like in the photo on the right above)
The pop out filter easily fills narrow openings so fill your water bottles with ease at pit stops you may make along the way or at your final destination, too! Handy!

8.  Non-Perishable Healthy Snacks

Who wants to get “hangry,” after all? Or . . . be around anyone who is.
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9.  Tire Pressure Gauge

A digital tire pressure gauge is a small and inexpensive item for your glove compartment. The right tire pressure is an important component of how fast your brakes respond (critical!!) and your gasoline consumption, too.
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10.  Paper Products

Paper towels or napkins and a rag or two could come in handy.

11.  Umbrella

Because the sun is not always shining.

12. Cash and Change

Tolls can appear out of nowhere.

13.  Cell Phone Charger

Cell phones and all their great tools can go dead quickly.

14.  Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker

Something you don’t ever want to use, but do store this seat belt cutter in your glove compartment — not your trunk!

15.  Ice Scraper

If the temperature drops, you may be reaching for this!


After you check your car for items on the list above, here is a quick and easy way to complete the checklist for vital things (affiliate links) you may be missing to ensure your car is equipped for safety . . . and, of course, fun. Do get this checklist complete once-and-for-all as then you are ready to go for multiple spontaneous trips and days of discovery with little prep beforehand!:
Is your car well-equiped for road trips and driving around town? Tap here for critical items you need to keep in your trunk to avoid disaster!

1.  This first aid kit will surely keep you covered for many medical situations.

2.  I like that this tire gauge is lit up for any night time tire mishaps and it is digital and heavy duty.

3.  This seat belt cutter and window breaker (set of 2) is not even $5 dollars and is a true life saver. Get one for all your cars!

4.  This flashlight is pro level and will never let you down.  It so reasonably priced and will illuminate anything in your path.

5.  All passengers get thirsty so use the useful popout water filter of the EveryDrop PopOut Filter & Pitcher (Water at the Speed of Life®) that is available in stores—such as  Walmart—and online, too.  Or, you can try this EveryDrop™ Pitcher Store Locator  to find one nearest you.

6.  This 3-pack set of road flares should help keep you safe!


Besides checking your car to ensure you are well-stocked with the list above, here are four more ideas to ensure this is a road trip to remember:

1.  Create an upbeat playlist to sing along to.

Here are some great ideas to include with 50 best road trips songs of all time!
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2. Ensure you don’t have to use those flares

Avoid a car breakdown and stop by the gas station before you go to check your tire pressure and get your fluids checked – windshield wiper fluid, transmission, oil, gas, of course! While you are there, clean your windshield and side windows for clear views.

3.  Getting lost in the wrong section of town is no fun!

Google Maps is great but not infallible! Check out a map or two before you hit the road to get your bearings, too.

4.  It is always fascinating to see how others live . . . and eat!

Pack some healthy snacks for the ride, but before you go, research a few places along the way you may want to stop to give your eyes a break and to refuel on some local healthy food specialties.
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So, do tell! What has been your best road trip? And, do you have favorite items you always bring along with you?

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I don't drive a car but these are definitely excellent ideas and items to have when you drive… All people that drive should have these items packed away in their trunks xox

I do hope the checklist will help many drivers stay safe, Launna!

Yikes, definitely hadn't ever thought of some of these situations. But it's so much better to be prepared.

Prepare a little, relax a lot! Right? Then on to the fun because you know you have a car well-equipped for anything! Thanks for stopping by!

This is such a handy list! I would never have though of a seat belt cutter! And really, still don't even want to think about it. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger's Pit Stop.

I hate to include it, Debbie, but could be a life saver! Thanks for popping in!

I am heading out in early August for a road trip, so your post was very timely! I laughed when I saw duct tape, but you are so right, every car needs some!

Glad to assist! And, please don't forget the duct tape! Enjoy your trip!