Portion control . . . or I like to call it portion patrol . . . can play a big part of the puzzle in successfully losing and keeping your weight to where it should hover.  Not sure about you, but many tend to over estimate what a serving actually is which can possibly lead to extra calories and tipping the scale not in your favor.  So, have you ever really checked what constitutes a serving of some of the foods you typically eat every week? Come along and solve the puzzle! It really won’t take long and you’ll be glad you did!

portion size for weight control


Making healthy food choices are critical but just how much you pile on your plate plays a key role, too, in weight management. And, we certainly can’t rely on what restaurants serve you as the correct portion size! Find these strategies below to teaching yourself just what a real serving is and be on your way to making the rounds of portion patrol:


1. Take real measurements.

 You may be in for some real surprises about just how much or little a portion actually is. I am not suggesting taking out your ruler every time you eat, but, it may be a good idea measure to your food accurately for a week or two to learn what makes up a real portion size. Use proper tools like a measuring cup, tablespoon, teaspoon, or food scale until you see how your favorite foods stack up. And, please check out my visual below on using a tool you already have on hand to measure, too. And, here is even more information on portion specifics, too.

2. It may be bigger than you thought.

You may want to take a measurement of those plates, bowls, cups, and glasses in your cupboard, too.  What you thought held one serving may actually hold two and is contributing to your overindulging. Measure 1 cup of water and fill your bowls, for example, to see a correct serving of soup in your bowl, for example.

3. Check out the side of the box. 

Read your packages of rice, cereal, crackers, etc. to see what it lists as a portion size. Again, lots of surprises of what they list as a serving.

Don’t serve family style.  

Serve food onto plates rather than family-style (serving pieces on the table), which encourages seconds . . .  or thirds.


Use a tool you always have "on hand" to gauge the correct portion sizes to easily get and keep your weight exactly where you want it to be! (TheHealthMinded.com) #health







4. Learn to pack.  

Make your own single-serving packs of proper portioned healthy snacks for you and your family to pack for on the go.

Don’t miss this:  Here is a fun DIY snack pack the whole family could get into as well as the correct portion size of dried fruit as well (not what you think!)

5. Pour oil carefully.

This is especially important because oil even all the healthy oils that I talked about here are still fat and just because it is healthy, the “more is better mentality” does not apply.   Don’t pour oil directly into your cooking pan or over food.  Get out the measuring spoon again a few times and then you will be able to eye ball it from here on in.

Don’t miss this: A favorite fruit and oil that is a very wise choice!

6. Don’t just split the check.

Split your entree, too, or eat half your entree and ask the other half to be wrapped up to bring home for tomorrow night. Restaurants are notorious to give enormous portions.

7. One bite can do.

You’d be pleasantly astonished how that one piece of chocolate or bite or two of dessert of even a high-end ice cream will do just fine to fill your hankering for a sweet indulgence. And, even more pleasantly astonished when the scale doesn’t move up, too!

Don’t miss this:  These healthy treats are good choices and won’t sabotage your diet plans.

8. Give yourself a hand.

Check out this visual to remind yourself of what a proper portion of a few foods actually is using what you already have – your hands – and be on your way to portion patrol.



Do you watch your portion sizes and does it help you stay on track?



Great tips and advice. I could do with eating better and being healthier. I am awful sometimes. Thanks for guidance. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

This weight loss info is so helpful and concise! Thank you for sharing your valuable tips for staying slim and trim with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! I am pinning and sharing!

Concise is a goal, Deborah! Thanks so much.

Concise is a goal, Deborah! Thanks so much.

I love your infograph and useful tips on portion control. Thanks for sharing and joining us at #wednesdayswisdom

Thanks for saying so and taking the time to comment, Jennifer.

Thanks for these very practical tips. Portion size, I definitely need ti watch.

Happy to do so, Kathleen!

You are so right…portions are the key and a visual comparison really helps! Thanks for joining us on Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday!


So glad you liked the post, Shellie! Have a wonderful weekend!

Portion control is one of the hardest things so I love your infograph. Sometimes I wish I could use my husband's hand as a measure as mine are small LOL. Thanks for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

Ha! Great trick, Sue! Love that.

I love Sparkpeople for tracking what I eat. I discovered I was overestimating veggie portions and underestimating meats, etc. and therefore not getting enough protein. I added a bowl of lentils at the end of days with inadequate protein and the slenderless just happened. Come to think of it, I think this summer I'll start tracking again. Thanks for the encouragement. Found you on Pin Worthy Wednesay.

I have not heard of that, Sadia, so thanks for letting us all know about a great tool! I will have to take a look at that. I appreciate you adding your thoughts and experience here.

This is so important! Portions are SOOOO inflated in America right now! Great post.

Yes – portions are over the top sometimes and then we get to thinking it is normal. Thanks for adding in, Julie.

Love these tips…I think for me I was under est. some portions BIG time..and once I got those up to pare…my hunger was back in check much more!

Interesting point, Sarah. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

These are all awesome tips! Some I already practice and some I hadn't heard before! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

Great to hear, Annmarie. Happy to help!

When I finally decided to lose weight in 2013, I measured everything and kept track of it with My Fitness Pal… whenever I stray off track I always come to the basics…. it's easy to fall off track if you don't stay aware xox ♡

You really did amazing things with weight loss, Launna! So, portion control played a part for you, then. I am following my own advice today and remeasuring a bit myself this week to remind myself and be more aware, too!