Bring on the clear and glowy skin, thick and luxurious hair, and nails that never seem to break! But, what if I added to that list and told you an easy regimen you could start today could possibly do all that, plus . . . maybe even aid your digestion, boost your metabolism, help strengthen your immunity, ease your joints and more!

Is that even possible? I recently met someone over Instagram (thanks, social media!) that seems to think so. Let’s let her explain and help you strategize a plan to possibly get results that you’d like to see – using powdered collagen with some other special ingredients added for good measure, too.

Here is an interview with Gina Holzer, the CEO and founder of Wholy Dose. She believes in collagen so much, that after experimenting in her kitchen with it and some other ingredients as well, she started her own company producing it. Come read her story and learn all the right techniques to use collagen should you decide it could be right for you. And, don’t miss some special tools to use it, as well!


THM: You are the founder of your company, Wholy Dose. Bravo! Your site is beautiful and so is your product packaging. But, tell us why so passionate about collagen to begin a company creating it?

GH: Thank you for the kind remarks!

My journey with collagen began when I was looking for ways to improve my skin and hair. Since I can remember, I always put on makeup whenever I left the house, whether that was to go to the grocery store or get the mail. (Yes, ridiculous, I know.)

I became fed up with feeling like I had to wear makeup in order to feel at ease and accepted not only by other people but by my own self. Around this same time, I also looked for ways to stop my hair from falling out. I genetically have extremely thin and feeble hair, so hair thinning and hair loss was a norm for me but around this time it just seemed to get worse (which I later learned was because we produce less collagen as we get older and that can weaken hair follicles).

After trying countless products – topical, supplements, food – none gave me the results I was seeking. I do have to point out that I tried a slew of products in an attempt to grow my hair thicker and faster since I was about 14-years-old and none did the trick — that’s almost an entire decade!

After a considerable amount of research, I decided to experiment in my kitchen and concoct my own supplement blends that contained collagen, biotin, and horsetail (because I couldn’t rely on only one ingredient to help me as I tried biotin before and it didn’t do much for my hair thickness or growth). Then 2 months came around and . . . Voila! My complexion improved significantly where I felt comfortable leaving the house with a bare face for the first time, my hair stopped falling out as much, and my hair (after all these years) finally grew thicker. This was a stepping stone for me since it was the first time I felt comfortable being myself and looking like myself. That’s when Wholy Dose was born.

THM: Your personal success with collagen is motivating. I use it, too, in my organic coffee and you really do not taste it at all. But, tell us how your collagen is different from the many others on the market?

GH: We proudly use clinically-proven collagen which many brands out there can’t stand behind. Studies have been conducted on the collagen we use that show its efficacy in results (Just take a look at our Results page.), high bioavailability, and high sustainability.

In fact, studies show that when taken consistently, our collagen has the ability to smooth fine lines, plump skin, keep skin hydrated, strengthen hair and nails, and improve joint, bone, and muscle health in as little as 4-8 weeks! Being a results-driven company sets us apart from other brands because aside from using clinically-proven collagen, we also have photos to support how our products can help you.

We started with collagen and went further. All Wholy Dose products have a base blend of collagen, biotin, and horsetail — we decided to do this to make sure our users are getting maximum results. Needless to say, horsetail isn’t from a horse’s tail! It’s an ancient herb that resembles a mane’s tail, but has incredible health and beauty benefits due to it being rich in silica — a nutrient that is crucial in improving hair, nails, skin, bone health, and immunity, similarly to collagen.

Note: See Ingredient List & Results links at the end of the interview.

THM: Could you please expand on how you source your product, its purification process, and its bioavailability?

GH: We spent months looking for ingredients of high quality and high integrity that offer effective benefits. We proudly use collagen that is proven to be highly bioavailable and goes through a carefully controlled process of hydrolysis — this process uses advanced technology for sterilization, pasteurization, ultrafiltration, and crystallization to ensure validated, safe, and effective methods for a high purity outcome.

Additionally, we work with a reputable manufacturer that tests each ingredient before production and ensures our end-users are getting what’s on the label and nothing less, which is done by including an overage of the actual ingredient itself so that the finished product isn’t below what’s on the label.

THM: There is lots of information on collagen's beauty benefits and the before and after photos on your website are impressive! But I know THM readers would love to hear more about how collagen can aid with digestion, metabolism and our immunity. Please tell us more and link to any studies to check out.

GH: Collagen is predominantly found in our body’s connective tissues, including the GI tract (aka, our gut).

Consuming collagen helps to soothe our gut’s lining, heal damaged cell walls, and provide our gut with the necessary amino acids that are responsible for repairing and maintaining the gut lining. That said, many illnesses are linked back to having poor gut health. So, when our gut goes through “sealing and healing”, we’re actually helping to keep out bacteria and toxins from leaking through the GI tract and helping to prevent sicknesses and improve immune health.

The amino acids found in collagen — glycine and glutamine — have been found to regulate metabolism. Glycine specifically, is known to boost metabolism by converting glucose into energy while glutamine helps to boost metabolism (plasma bicarbonate).

THM: Our digestive health is important, indeed! Do you know of any side effects to using collagen or are there particular situations where you think people should avoid using it?

GH: Known side effects of using collagen are actually little to none! That said, side effects that have been reported from various studies include possible mouth, smell or digestive discomfort, which is likely due to your body not being used to the way amino acids are broken down or from feelings of fullness.

Speaking of feelings of fullness — studies have found that collagen increases the satiety hormone by keeping your body full and satisfied because it’s high in protein and low in fat. People have also reported that collagen is more filling and satisfying compared to whey protein.

THM: What is the best way to start using collagen - please provide details on a best practice collagen program - if there is such a thing!

GH: Yes, there definitely is! I recommend those who are starting their collagen journey to incorporate it into their daily routine as seamlessly as possible. We all look forward to a certain beverage or dish each day, so the easiest way to stay on track with your collagen journey is to add 8-20 grams of collagen to your favorite beverage or recipe such as coffee, tea, smoothies, oatmeal, or soup.

Whatever your choice of consumption is, be sure to stay consistent and take collagen daily to obtain optimal results. That said, daily can be anywhere between 4-7 days per week but I highly recommend 5-7 days per week.

THM: Those specifics are very helpful! Thanks, Gina! Following your guidelines, how long is typical before one could see results from using collagen?

GH: While some people may see results within 2-4 weeks, the average time it takes to see distinct results is approximately 4-8 weeks and can exceed up to a few months.

Generally speaking, it takes 2-4 months for our bodies to reach a new equilibrium, so external factors such as hair and skin may take up to this amount of time.

It may seem like a long time but I like to look at it as a long-term investment for my health and vitality — and it doesn’t hurt to look younger than your age.

THM: I see you have various flavors and some other interesting supplemental products on your site - like Matcha, which I drink, too. Please, tell us more about those.

GH: Aside from our UNFLAVORED Beauty Superfood Powder, we also have matcha, cacao, and pomegranate blends. Our MATCHA Beauty Superfood Powder is currently our bestseller and contains premium-grade matcha that is grown near Japanese volcanoes.

This nurtures the soil more to make the matcha fully embodied in flavor (not bitter like most matcha out there) and full of nutrients.

Our CACAO Beauty Superfood Powder is a delicious, sugar-free chocolate elixir that is great as a cacao latte (hot or iced) or in smoothies, baking, chia pudding, oatmeal, and other recipes. Our BEAUTY TONIC Superpowder is a pomegranate flavored elixir that’s great for those who prefer flavored drinks and tastes delicious in water with ice, water with fresh fruit, teas, fresh lemonades, or smoothies. This was intentional so there’s a flavor for everyone!

THM: Yes, and I like that those powders you just mentioned are packaged for travel and on-the-go! I am sure many want to find out more and maybe even try your products. Where can our readers and followers find you? Where can they purchase your products?

GH: You can find us at @wholydose on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and @thewholydose on Facebook.

Our products can be purchased on our website at

THM: Great, Gina! Is there anything you would like to add to tell our readers and followers?

GH: For those who have never taken or stopped taking collagen, I highly suggest you integrate it into your daily routine. It’s truly a miracle ingredient that’s been used for centuries and is continued to be used because of its powerful benefits. (Despite what some skeptics may say, the studies speak for themselves.)

Another thing to note is not all collagen is created equal. It’s crucial to choose collagen that is pure (no fillers or preservatives) and of high-quality. I’ve heard from countless people that the collagen they use or used but stopped taking was awful in smell and taste — this isn’t usual since collagen should be odorless and tasteless. That all goes down to the quality and sourcing of the collagen itself.

Note: See Ingredient List & Results links at the end of the interview.


THM: Lastly, a bonus question I love to ask! Please tell us - how do you stay health-minded, besides, using collagen, of course? What are some of your musts or interesting ways you incorporate healthy habits into your life that you think our readers may want to consider or learn more about?

GH: I’m a true believer in the power of food and nutrition. One of my favorite ways to stay health-minded is to incorporate superfoods and antioxidant-rich foods every chance I get.

I like to add things like chia seeds, flaxseeds, raw nuts, spirulina, and cacao into my smoothies and oatmeal. (I’m known for having a pantry FILLED with bags and jars of these.) I also like to add these ingredients in addition to 2-3 cups of leafy greens to smoothies for a quick antioxidant fix.

Wellness lattes are another way I stay health-minded and is something I look forward to every day. My go-to is a wellness matcha latte made with Wholy Dose’s MATCHA Beauty Superfood Powder blended with almond milk or oat milk. Other wellness lattes I typically prepare are Wholy Dose’s CACAO Beauty Superfood Powder or Wholy Dose’s UNFLAVORED Beauty Superfood Powder blended with nut milk and things like raw nuts, dates, cinnamon, coconut oil, turmeric, or adaptogens (my favorites are tocos and maca).

Thank you for this opportunity to talk to The Health-Minded community!

THM: And there you have it – the possibilities of collagen and a plan to successfully incorporate it into a wellness routine should you think it could align with you. Be sure to check out the links below providing ingredient details, before and afters and tools to use collagen as well.

We thank you, Gina, for your time and really helpful advice! And, now that you are a member of The Health-Minded community, from one health-minded individual to another, I wish you the very best in your business and all your healthy living pursuits.

Photo Credits: Photos 1,2,4,5,7,9,12 provided from WholyDose.



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