Stressing over the number on the weight scale? Well, get this! That number actually may not be as important to your health than the size of your tummy! Yes, studies say even skinny people with a BMI (body mass index) in the normal range could still be in the red zone, depending on the shape of their mid-section.


You see, the fat that lies just below your skin (not that we want to, but the kind you can grab with your hands) is called subcutaneous fat. In your belly, it’s called visceral fat because it builds up in the spaces between and around your viscera — internal organs like your stomach and intestines. And, fat build up there — not a good thing!  Keep reading to find out why that is so and find some exact steps to take to get rid of it that don’t just involve exercise and diet.



Here are some reasons why we really need to pay attention to that spare tire that could be forming:

  • This visceral fat is a different animal as the fat in your middle makes toxins that affect the way your body works.  Those toxins include chemicals called cytokines that doctors say boost your chances of heart disease and make your body less sensitive to insulin, which can bring on diabetes.
  • Cytokines also cause long-term inflammation, our bodily enemy as this can lead to certain cancers of the colon, esophagus, and pancreas.
  • Scientists think cancer is caused by cell mutations as they divide. Fat in your abdomen may spur on hormones that prompt cell division.  More cell division means more opportunities for cell mutations, which means more cancer risk.


Tight abs can help you look great, but did you know it can keep away cancer, diabetes and heart disease, too? Find tips here to get your flattest abs and learn a few other ways it can make a BIG impact on other parts of your life, too!




Besides not wanting to be a toxin-making machine creating possible disease and looking good in your clothes, here are some other reasons creating a strong core can make a big difference in your everyday life:

1.  Strong core. Stronger back. Less pain. Better mood.

Back pain can really get in the way of living life and make us cranky! And, a lot of back pain is related to weak muscles in your trunk. Thus, working on strengthening that midsection can help resolve many back issues. The muscles in your core weave throughout your torso and attach to your spine. Consequently, when ab muscles are weak, it creates some strain on the spine.

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2.  Trim tummy. Better sleep. More energy.

Belly fat can bring on chronic, loud snoring and maybe even sleep apnea. People who have sleep apnea literally stop breathing for a few seconds to even more than a minute sometimes all night long greatly disrupting sleep. Who wouldn’t feel exhausted after a night like that? But, losing weight can often help remedy the problem so you can get a better night’s sleep and, of course, more air!

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3.  Flat stomach. Protection from injury. More free time.

Who wants to spend their time on crutches with a sprain, at doctors’ offices or worse on the operating table for a repair.  No one. A flat, strong, stomach can help protect you from injury.  Unlike any other muscles in your body, a strong core affects the functioning of the entire body and how it moves. Whether you garden, hike, run marathons or chase kids all day, the stronger the abs, the better protected you are from injuring yourself.






Regular exercise and healthy food choices are fundamental to create a flat and strong core (as well as optimal health overall!), but here are some essential tweaks to creating success with that critical goal in mind:

1.  Eat well and don’t starve yourself!

Going around hungry all the time isn’t fun! And, if you think it helps lessen belly fat, scientists would tell you are wrong.  Eating enough food (yes, of course, healthy whole food choices!) keeps your body from experiencing hormone imbalances.  Eating too few calories reduces the amount of the fat-burning hormone leptin in your body, which will slow down weight loss.

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2. Stand tall and ready.

I am the Mom always on my daughters to watch their posture and I must say, they get compliments on their good posture! Not only do you appear more confident and positive, having good posture takes 5 pounds off! And carrying yourself all day strong and tall without slumping is much better for your back and keeps your abs strong, too.


Your weight may not be nearly as important to your health than the size of your tummy, studies say. Click here for top tips you may not have heard yet to get great abs to help you keep away cancer, diabetes and heart disease and look great in your clothes, too!

3.  Create smart exercise routines that don’t hog your day!

Don’t get me wrong, that ab routine can help define muscles, but cardio for overall weight loss is important too, to show the definition.  Shorter cardio workouts that use high-intensity interval training is showing more effective for fighting belly fat, too.

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4. Take time to unwind.

A constant high level of stress can lead to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which can increase the amount of tummy fat.  For a flatter stomach and so many other reasons, find a few ways that lessen your stress today.

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5.  Don’t drink your calories.

Opt out of the sugary drink habit. There are many better options than choosing drinks that have calories and that can cause weight gain around the middle.  Clean water is always a great way to hydrate and support your body, but if you don’t like the taste of water much, add citrus or a sprig of fresh herbs to liven it up.  Your taste buds will adjust to the lack of sweetness! My husband, an avid tea drinker, slowly learned to delete the sugar he adds to his tea and now he adds none and hates the taste of sugary tea. If he can do it, you can!

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Getting to the gym for most people to exercise, and focusing on the purpose of getting fit, is easier than eating right outside the gym. Outside the gym we have a life, a job, or a family to attend to. In our life outside the gym, distractions tend to pull us this way or that way. Quite an informative topic.

Regular exercise is really very essential to getting flat belly and great abs. So stick to your workout schedule to get great results.

So true. Put exercise on your calendar to help schedule it in.

Crunches are supposed to be the best exercise for perfect abs and a flat belly. Also cardio could be beneficial to getting great abs.

Agreed that to get rid of belly fat it's important to take care of what you eating and drinking. Only workout can not help you to get rid of stomach fat you need to make a nutrition plan that is effective to reduce fats.

Love reading this blog..As a fitness lover its very motivating for me.Impressive abdominal muscles are often defined as the very foundation of the perfect balanced physique.To make my abs muscle grow faster I am using HGH supplements too with my workout. It helps me alot. Is anyone tried this ??

What an interesting post! A strong core is key to so many things in life. Totally agree with not drinking your calories – such a waste!

Hello Nicole! Thanks so much! Yes, a strong core is more than just looking good on the beach!

Great info! Definitely important to have a strong core to stay healthy and prevent injuries!

Yes! The injury part is something a lot of people forget about. A weak core does put you at risk for a painful injury or two! Thanks for popping in, Annmarie.

I definitely need to work on improving my posture and strengthening my core. I do a lot of exercises but they have been a struggle lately! Really great tips!

Hey Janelle! Great to see you here! Strong posture = so good for so many things! Happy the post was helpful!

I love this post, so full of practical applications for our better health. I did get puffed out watching that 25 minute video. I will give it a try well some of it, or take it slower than the video. Awesome that you are doing it. I will feature this post because it is so helpful. I always have the Blogger's lifestyle on my mind and I think we need to be very aware of middle fat that builds from sitting too much and not remembering to get up a move.
Blogger's Pit Stop

Ha! Yes, Kathleen, that cardio routine does get your heart pumping but you can adapt it to your needs. So glad you found the post helpful and want to share it with others. That means a lot!

Some very sensible tips here and I know my tummy would benefit from a 25 minute focused exercise routine (trouble is that I know I'm not committed enough to make it happen) so I'll stick to some of the easier tips 🙂

All measures here, Leanne, can help and Bravo for you to implement the ones that you can. Thanks for popping in and giving us your thoughts!

I totally agree that a flat tummy is more healthy… it does take some effort, something I need to work on again after being injured. I don't drink my calories… and I think that is important. I am looking at ways to get back on track, I believe being able to work from home will give me more time to take care of myself… we all need that xox

Yes, I hope less of a commute can offer more time for healthy pursuits, Launna! Great news!

Yes, I hope less of a commute can offer more time for healthy pursuits, Launna! Great news!