Some people really like to talk. And, TED Talks was cleverly created to harness all that talking and innovation and put it in one place for us all to access for free.  Many new ideas, interesting angles and inspirational thinking on a vast array of topics is available with a simple click.  It is a generous world!

I wrote about TV and movies recently and how your choices could be affecting your health, but I want to introduce you (if you have not established a relationship already) to TED Talks. But, this is TED talks-health, and these people talking have loads of creative, fascinating information and wonderful stories to tell regarding health.





I usually have a hard time just sitting there watching a video at my desk, as interesting as it may be.  I typically find myself wanting to do something.  So, that is what I do — I do something while I listen. Here are some ideas of how I create time for TED talks or other videos to get inspired or introduce myself to new ideas and information:

  • While I am cooking: I set up my laptop on the kitchen counter and start stirring.
  • When I am getting dressed in the morning: Why not start the day with some great ideas?
  • When I am folding laundry and cleaning: Take a mundane task and make it inspiring.
  • Paying bills: Why not have some fun while depleting the bank account.
  • Organizing a closet or drawers: I love to open a closet and drawer and find what I need.



Here are three TED talks on health that I listened to lately and really enjoyed. I think you might, too.


1.   I begin with The Future of Medicine.  I am cheating here as I said 3 TED talks but I sneaked in many more as this is actually a series of TED talks from which you may choose. These presenters illustrate an amazing medical future that I could get excited about. I am forever grateful for these great minds and talents that could be bringing it to us.  Listen to how the future could hold surgery without any cutting, creating organs from 3D printers and inexpensive ways of saving infants with little access to good medical care around the world.


2.  I promise you, you will love this woman and be inspired by the story of Australian cross-country skier Janine Shepherd during her talk A Broken Body Isn’t A Broken Person. She had hoped for an Olympic medal but was hit by a truck during a training bike ride creating massive life-threatening injuries. Through her miraculous recovery, she learns all about the human drive to come back, how to not define yourself by your body and to make room for new dreams to soar.  I loved her amazing recovery story, her spirit, her accent and her humor! You will, too! I know it.


3.  I am pretty sure you have heard of Jamie Oliver.  I watched him a very long ago when he had a TV show as a teenager feeding his British friends.  (I secretly wished I had had a cool friend that cooked for me like he did!) Jamie has moved on to other projects now and has taken on the noble task of leading an anti-obesity program for kids and making food education a priority.  Listen to Jamie’s great ideas on How to Teach Every Child About Food

Do you have a favorite video or TED talk you find inspiring or helpful?  Please share it in the comments!




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Hi, Lori! I used to love listening to inspiring podcasts or videos while doing other things that didn't need too much brain power, but lately haven't so much – so thanks, you've inspired me to get back to it!
I find Jamie Oliver an incredibly inspiring person. I was just talking yesterday with someone about how we loved his first TV series when he cooked for friends! To think what he's gone onto now!
An inspiring podcast series is She has loads of interviews with people who've achieved different inspiring goals they set for themselves. 🙂

Oh, yes, Jamie Oliver has really taken his life in a meaningful direction. Can't believe you watched his first show, too! I listened to Jess's first podcast with Design Sponge Grace a while back and thought it was great. I should go back and check it out again. Thanks so much for the tip!