Need a gift for someone with no time in the schedule to go about finding it?  Ah, yes, I have been there, too! With hectic work schedules, family demands, and holiday functions, these things can slip our mind or at least go to the bottom of the “to do” list.


Allow me to save you the sweat, the guilt and the embarrassment of looking and feeling a bit thoughtless.  I offer five solutions to your potential problem. Five last-minute gift ideas that are both thoughtful and health-minded that you can get in 2 days or less!  In fact, these are all from Amazon, which is only a keyboard away!




Consider one of these ideas if you find yourself in the eleventh hour empty-handed:

1. Delight with a trendy but healthy dinner idea.  

Place the spiral slicer in the center of the four stacked white pasta bowls and tie (like a cross) with a green burlap table runner.  These combination could work:


Why it is a healthy choice: For those wanting a lower-calorie, lower carb, higher vitamin profile for their pasta meals, zucchini noodles may be a good choice.

2.  Go zen.

This bonsai tree is a nice idea for those who love nature and are on the nurturing side. How about this one below – its a money tree, too, for good luck in the financial end of life!


Why it is a healthy choice: Digging in the dirt and giving some love to plants is good for your health!


3.  Promote outdoor time.

For outdoor enthusiasts or those with a family, badminton is a game anyone can play but do keep the bugs away from ruining the fun with a toxin-free wrist band. Try these tools to get the shuttlecock flying, bug-free:


Why it is a healthy choice: Everyone knows outdoor time with others and moving your body is oh-so-healthy!


4.  Open the lid to yummy eats.

Pop in a favorite healthy stew or soup recipe under the lid of this cast iron dutch oven that your friend or family member can make with this:


Why it is a healthy choice: Cast iron is a much better choice to cook in than teflon coated pans and it lasts forever!


5.  Encourage relaxation:

Give the gift of stress relief with a glass jar filled with a stylish wooden bath salt spoon and magnesium-rich bath salts. Try these:


Why this is a healthy choice: Using mineral salts along with a few other steps is a great way to turn that bath into a detox bath with these steps here.

Disclosure: THM may receive a small commission from purchasing items from the items above, but I only link to products I think could be of value to you! See full disclosure here.


Delight with these 5 fun and thoughtful gif ideas for your health-minded family member, friend or co-worker!







The little bonsai tree is such a cute gift idea! That would be perfect for my coworkers 🙂

I just love it, too, Liz! I have always been amazed by them! Have a fun-filled holiday!

How fun!! I'd love the first gift myself!! 🙂 So excited that it's the Christmas season!!

Glad you liked the ideas and a very, very Merry Christmas, Cailee!

Great ideas, Lori. I really like the first idea. The spiralizer is great and I bet there are all sorts of things you could put in the centre of the bowls instead, like a parmesan cheese grater. I hate feeling like I've bought someone something just because I needed to find something fast, so I'll definitely be referring to this list again in the future (like the bonsai idea, too!)

Oh yes! I like the Parmesan grater idea! Good one, Helen. Happy Christmas!

Hi Lori! What awesome gift suggestions. I really like the Dutch Oven and Bonsai tree (I've been wanted a Bonsai myself for a while now but santa never brings me one!) Bath salts are always welcome too. Love the spiral slicer, would love making my own zucchini noodles!! And the beginning vball/badmitten set for outdoor fun is a really cool idea too! Thanks for sharing. Time to shop…online of course!!

Thanks, Laura! Glad you liked the ideas. So nice of you to say so!

Thank you for sharing these ideas. I am always down for a plant, especially a bonsai tree. That would be a wonderful treat! Cast iron pots are awesome, we still have one that my grandmother used to cook in. They are super durable and long lasting and I swear that food tastes much better coming from that pan! 🙂

Cast iron is the best and those pans are the ones I reach for daily! Thanks for joining in. Happy Holidays!